How to hire someone who won’t just leave and take patients with them

“Who is to say a potential hire wouldn’t just open their own practice next door after working for me?” You’ve gotten to this point in your practice where you are successful.  It’s this in-between stage where hiring someone would really take things off your plate.  Instead of staying late to fit people in, It will…

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How to hire motivated people you don’t have to micromanage

Isn’t it frustrating to have staff and feel you have to look over their shoulders, or things don’t get done up to the standards you have? After making many mistakes hiring and then reluctantly firing (I admit I’m not very good at firing) over the years, one thing that I’ve found challenging as an owner…

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How to Hire the Right Person for Your Practice

How to Hire the Right Person for Your Practice by Introverted Visionary

Have you been wanting to hire but haven’t pulled the trigger?  You’ve been putting it off because you’re scared of hiring someone who may bring you stress.  How to hire the right person on board without going through 1,000 resumes? Finding a new hire can mean great things for your practice, but it has to…

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