Dr. Tabor Smith hot tips on workflow efficiency, retention, and generating patients

Dr. Tabor Smith, DC shares a hot tip on workflow efficiency which is one important thing that supports retention in his practice that he grew to 300 patients/wk with his wife. 

He also answers a question from an acupuncturist on “I have a brand new practice. How would you recommend going about getting new patients in marketing?”  Watch it now

As someone whose mom died at the age of 47 on 21 different prescription medications, Tabor has such a passion for what he does & his energy is contagious and inspiring.


About Dr. Tabor Smith, DC
Dr. Tabor Smith and his wife, Dr. Gina Smith, are chiropractors who run a thriving practice out of Houston, TX. Their patients receive the highest quality of chiropractic care as well as education surrounding simple lifestyle changes that can be made to maintain a lifetime of spinal health and wellness.

Dr. Smith is a trailblazer in the study of spinal hygiene and holds numerous events and lectures on the subject.

Dr. Smith received an honorary alumni award from Life University in 2020. He is the creator and facilitator of Life University’s Certified Spinal Hygienist Program and the executive producer of a documentary titled A Better Way. Within this critically acclaimed documentary, Dr. Smith addresses the current opioid crisis that exists in America and why chiropractic is an ideal pathway to solving some of the major societal issues impacting the health of this nation.

His devotion to his own education has enabled him to better advocate for advancements in the fields of chiropractic, spinal hygiene, and holistic healthcare.

Dr. Tabor Smith graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in May 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. He graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker Chiropractic College in 2007.

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