Knowing When it’s Time to Surrender – Plus, Enter the Drawing to Win Something that Can Help You Grow Your Practice Quickly!

Surrendering.  I learned an important lesson about surrendering over the last several days, when I couldn’t seem to get better from a chest infection for 5 days, even after doing my usual rituals of what I do if I get sick.

You see, I’m stubborn about not taking any medications unless I absolutely have to. Yes, I’m a pharmacist by training, but I’m the first one to try every holistic remedy before even considering taking medications.

Do you know what did me in? A simple phone call. I spoke to another pharmacist & she asked me “have you gone to the Dr?”  That simple question at the right time led me to surrender battling the infection on my own. If it were a day before, what she said would’ve gone in one ear & out the other.  It was the timing & I was ready. I was ready for the 2nd antibiotic course I’ve ever had in my life.

Sometimes it’s the simplest (and seemingly most obvious in hindsight) answers which keep us from attracting the many clients we can help.  Yet we can’t see things at the tip of our nose, no matter how hard we try.  That’s the disadvantage of being wrapped up in our “own stuff”.  We all do it to some degree, including me.

That’s why many holistic health practitioners making 6 figures or more don’t usually figure it out on their own.  They often learn how to grow their practice from experts who taught them.  But they, like us, needed to be ready to listen to and try what works.

When you aren’t ready, the people who need you most miss out.  For me, I had to postpone Consistent Client Formula program students’ final session twice.  It made me cringe.  Keeping my word is really important to me, and although I have been giving my students step-by-step action steps to take to get more clients even while I’m sick, it still affected them from getting access to me these two weeks.  All from my being stubborn about not resorting to getting help even after not improving by much for 5 days.

What about you?  Are your potential clients suffering because they don’t even know about you?  Are they stuck with their health issue because they don’t even know what you offer is an option?

Only you can decide if it’s time.  Only you can decide if you’re finally ready, or still choosing to be stuck with figuring it out on your own, even though you have a feeling that you could be helping a lot more people if you knew how to reach them…

If you’re tired of wondering where your next client’s coming from, or wondering what you can do differently so you don’t have to worry about the issues that come with inconsistent income anymore, get help.  Surrender.  Surrender figuring it out on your own.  You can help a lot more people when you get help growing your practice.

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