The Real Truth Behind Social Media and Getting Clients

 How well does social media work to get you clients?  I was talking to a mastermind colleague of mine the other day and she was telling me about a chiropractor who is well known in his area—physicians from well-known hospitals seek him out.  Now get this:  he didn’t even have a full website up until recently.  And social media?  Social media what?

Now I’m all about having a website that represents you well, so you can get clients calling from having seen you online.  But one of the things this chiropractor was smart about was that when deciding how to grow his chiropractic practice, he looked at what to do to attract  the bread and butter of his practice, rather than the latest website or social media trends.

With many other things being more effective than social media to get clients, would you believe that a holistic organization I’m a part of—when they were polled about what they most wanted to learn about, the thing at the top of their list was social media?

The truth is that I know many holistic practitioners who have followings of over thousands on Facebook and they hardly have clients.  Personally, for example, I don’t know much about Twitter and although I have had my team member who does know about Twitter get on there & tweet, I’m not convinced it’s a good place at all to be spending any of our energies (we track where our clients come from).  We could be doing something else that takes up a lot less of our time and attracts clients to us instead.

The hard truth is that popular does not equal clients.  Are you popular, but not making the true impact you’re meant to be making?  You’re helping people in a superficial level through Facebook messages that people may not even be reading.  You’re not helping people at a deep level—you’re not healing them with your true expertise and really making a difference for people who are not getting better from medications.  The real truth behind social media is that most companies use it for brand awareness, and not the best value on their investment to get actual clients.  As a small business, it may not be the best use of your time as a top priority at the current stage of your business.

The first thing you can do to see if what you’re doing is really worth your time is to start tracking it.  Start tracking how much time you spend on ie, networking, social media (or maybe how much time you waste by not doing anything).  Track where your clients or potential clients come from.  When people call you, or become your clients, ask them—”how did you hear about us?”

When they become your clients, ask them, “where do you think we should get the word out?”  Bonus tip:  Your clients are the ones to ask, not your potential clients.  The reason is that if you ask your potential clients who don’t usually become your clients, you may find yourself people who may be curious but not necessarily likely to invest in your services.

How would you like it if you got ongoing word-of-mouth referrals Can you imagine how your practice would look if you always had a line of people ready to work with you?  That’s what’s possible when you know who to approach, what to say, and how to make it worthwhile for someone to send you an ongoing stream of referrals.  Let’s face it.  If you knew how to easily do this (or another effective way of getting clients), you would already be doing this and you’d not only be making a steady 6-figure income, but also be helping a lot of people.  So what are you going to do instead?

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After applying, comment below –what is your opinion about how effective social media is to get clients?

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