Should I charge less now because of the economy?

Q: People are watching their money more or haven’t worked for months. Should I charge less now because of the economy?

A: People will pay for what they prioritize to be important.  There are still people with money to pay for what you have to offer.  In the most challenging recessions including the Great Depression, there were always people who had money.  Read on below to see whether to charge less and one thing you can say to people if you are hearing “I can’t afford it” more now than before.

People are still spending money on their health
.  It’s just a matter of them understanding the value. It becomes more important than ever to help people understand the value and set yourself apart.

Health Is ImportantYou can tell them “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Especially since it’s more important now than ever to take care of your health.”

If you are frequently attracting people who can’t afford it, it may just be that you need to have a different set of antennas and marketing approach to attract those who can. Sometimes you may just need a bigger pool of new patients.

If you wish to charge less to help people who can’t afford it, feel free to do that as a give-back to your community, however still command the fees you’ve been charging (or perhaps even more because your costs have increased).  

What have you noticed?  How frequently are patients telling you they can’t afford to come in now?  Comment below.

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