Shanna Bayrd, ND

How she got booked out 2 mo in advance
(within less than 5 mo)


Shanna Bayrd, ND, Introverted Visionaries Mastermind member,
has a bioenergetics practice along with her business partner, another naturopathic doctor.

With a baby & an eight year old and her business partner with a toddler,
they had a lot to juggle, but they wanted to help more people in their practice.

It was challenging to get patients. 

Shanna talks about what helped her get booked out 2 months in advance (within less than 5 months),
plus tripling income in a matter of a few months.

Listen to her share her exciting vision for the practice, including a satellite location in a different state.
Plus hear her words of wisdom for growing a successful practice.

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