Secret #4: Five Simple Secrets to Attracting a Waiting List of Clients

Secret #4:  Increase your bookings and retention
Get good at booking more appointments and inspiring retention

Many practitioners overlook the importance of this.
Of the people who inquire about your services, what % do you book currently?

You get tired of hearing “I can’t afford it” or “Do you accept insurance”…

How many people drop off care before they finish their treatment plan?

You wonder what happened to them….. 

The truth is that booking more appointments has little to do with you being amazing clinically.  There are average practitioners who have very busy practices, and excellent clinicians who are not that busy. 

It has everything to do with how you help them understand the value of your services and confidently address their concerns.

In addition to you being able to help people with the care you provide,
look at the difference this makes in terms of patient flow (and income flow):

When you pay attention to this, you can do less marketing and spend more time helping patients.

A part of your Uniqueness Factor is the confidence you give your potential patients/clients about why they should work with you.  Being able to hold the space for them to explore the issues that come up with deciding whether to move forward with solving their problem is actually a gift you can give them.  That way you aren’t supporting their excuses or their small self which hold them back in their health.  Get good at inspiring people to say yes to working with you, or decide no from an honest place.

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Remember: the people who can benefit from your services will also benefit from you getting good at this, because they will make a decision right away to take care of their problem.

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