Secret #3: Five Simple Secrets to Attracting a Waiting List of Clients

Secret #3: Learn the formula for getting a consistent flow of clients who are attracted to working with you.

Do you get tongue tied when someone asks you what you do?
Or maybe you don’t get tongue tied, but when they hear what you do, it’s not like they often say “I need that” or “I know someone who needs your services”.

You see, the problem is that most holistic health practitioners sound like everyone else.  They also don’t get in front of the people they most want to work with in a way that catches their attention.

I’m going to share with you my formula for growing a waiting list of clients.  The key to getting more clients than you’ve imagined starts here.  It is the lead generating ingredient to the “Wake Up to More than Enough Clients” System.  It’s why people decide to invest in their health by working with you.

“More than Enough Client Leads” System:

Be Found + Your Uniqueness Factor

Be Found by the people you most want to help.
Use Your Uniqueness Factor to attract clients to you.

What is Your Uniqueness Factor?  
Everyone has a uniqueness factor.  It is the reason why people are attracted to you and not just any other holistic health practitioner.  It’s something for you to own as being what’s special about you, and to convey it to your potential clients.  Your Uniqueness Factor takes into consideration whether you’re an introvert/extrovert, what Your Unique Passion & Story are, among a few other factors.  A key part of Your Uniqueness Factor is Your Unique Solution.

Your Unique Solution is not just any solution.  It is unique because no one offers your solution in just the way you do, and through just the way you are.

When you get clear about Your Unique Solution and attract your favorite kind of clients with Your Uniqueness Factor, the people you want to work with can’t help but be drawn to work with you.

Not sure how to express what makes you and your work unique?  Or maybe you have an idea, but have trouble expressing it in a way that doesn’t sound stale?  Don’t worry.  Get help on this and nail it.  When you master this, the result is that clients will seek you out.