Secret #2: Five Simple Secrets to Attracting a Waiting List of Clients

Secret #2:  You don’t need to “be” everywhere

Growing a holistic health practice to 6 or 7 figures does not require more than two methods of marketing at a time.

You don’t need to focus on more than 2 marketing methods at a time.  Pick two that are right for you to start with.  Learn how to do them effectively so that you are bringing in potential patients & clients regularly from your marketing.  Do your marketing consistently.  Marketing is a stamina game, not a one-time sprint race.

(Well, maybe I should clarify that it can help to “be everywhere”…but it’s not enough to “be everywhere”.  What I don’t want you to be is “scattered everywhere”…)

Which 2 should you pick?  The first step to deciding what to pick so you don’t fight with your natural style is to determine whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.  If you’re an introvert, take a deep breath.  You don’t need to fight with your own tendencies which may feel in conflict with what’s being taught out there by extroverts and which doesn’t feel natural to you.  Use your introverted nature to your advantage.

If you’re an extrovert, that’s great.  Embrace your natural tendencies, figure out your most effective & natural strategies of marketing, & do it consistently.

Your action step of the day:  Think about the top 2 marketing methods you’d like to focus on.  Marketing methods include developing partnership collaboration opportunities, developing relationships with MDs, asking for referrals, online marketing, live speaking, webinars, etc.  If you’re not sure what the best ones are for you & what to do so they bring in consistent clients without taking up too much of your time, stay tuned in my community.  You will have the opportunity to get additional help from me.


P.S.  You may be thinking “Who is this person I decided to learn these secrets to attracting a waiting list of clients from?  And why should I listen to her talk about things that my school/training never taught me?”  Click here to meet Chen