Secret #1: Five Simple Secrets to Attracting a Waiting List of Patients

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Secret #1:  Social media is often a waste of time
Are you someone who has heard you need to be on social media, so you’re on it?  And you spend time on it but it’s not bringing you that many more clients?

There are certain things that social media is good for, but it’s a time waster if you use it like how most people are using it.  The truth is that many holistic health practitioners don’t make much money from being on social media.

Social media is a waste of time if…
1.  You don’t regularly provide people with the opportunity to experience you at a deeper level than just getting your tips from Facebook/Linked In posts.
Let’s face it, you cannot build a relationship as you could in a Facebook post as you could with a phone conversation, live meeting/talk, or webinar.
2.  It takes you way too much time to get a new patient/client.  You are posting to look like an expert and be noticed, but it sure takes awhile for people to decide to work with you.
3.  You’re not spending money on ads.  Social media can work if you are spending $ on ads, but you need to know what you are doing and have a decent budget.  Over $800/mo is often needed to do well on platforms like Facebook ads.

What to do instead:  Don’t spend so much time on social media.  When you are on social media, use it to develop potential partnerships/collaborators.

Why?  Partners/collaborators can introduce you to their audience.  Instead of you trying to get noticed one by one, why not get introduced by tens, hundreds, thousands, or more!  Develop relationships with people who have similar audiences as you.  They can refer other people to you, feature you as an authority to their overlapping audiences, and more.  Learn how to develop partnerships, who to ask, what to say, and how to invite your overlapping audiences to work with you.  When I work with my private clients, this is one of the key strategies we look at getting good at doing, regardless of whether you’re an established or new business.

Take the first step:
1.  Be in the energy of partnership.  Introduce someone you know to someone else whom you think may be a good connection for them.  Here’s the key:  Do NOT expect anything in return and don’t do it for anything in return.  Just be in the energy of partnership and feel how good it feels to help someone.

2.  Reach out today to someone you’d like to consider collaborating with.  Remember, you are not asking them to marry you.  Just introduce yourself.

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