Savannah Bukant, ND student

Listen to Savannah Bukant, ND student, a client of ours, and what helped her get paid to coach
even before graduating from naturopathic med school.

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Savannah is a naturopathic med student at Bastyr University. She’s had a vision for coaching people, even though she had doubts about it at first and there were naysayers about her helping people before she graduated.

Savannah talks about her inspiration to coach, how she felt as she started coaching initially, and dealing with her nervousness about not knowing what people would think. She also talks about how much she’s charging, her advice to other naturopathic med school students and practitioners, plus her vision for practicing after graduating. Savannah also talks about how working with us helped her and what it was like to be a part of the Fill My Practice Fast Immersion.

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