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I was talking to an acupuncturist in the New York City area today.  He said people aren’t coming in because they don’t want to get on public transport.  If you live there or in a big city, are you experiencing that too?  Take the poll and see why the main reason is that patients are saying they won’t come in now. 


The reality is though, the climate has changed. And if you are still following the same strategies from pre-Covid, you may be in trouble. 


So here is the question, have you been slower than you’d like to be right now? Or are you as busy as you’d like to be, because of having to take more time cleaning, but this income dip is getting old? Would like to be able to have free access to the best strategies for Re-Opening and Bringing Patients?


Join me in this special FREE Masterclass just to help you with:


Re-Opening and Bringing Patients in the Door Now Strategies


Thurs, July 2nd at 5:30pm PT / 6:30pm MT / 7:30pm CT / 8:30pm ET




This will not just be a training to help you as you re-open and bring the practice back up, but you’ll also have the opportunity to ask me about your most pressing challenges right now & get specific guidance.


What you can expect learn:

  • What to email/text to bring patients back in the practice
  • What specific marketing strategies are working in this climate
  • Strategic planning for now and the upcoming months
  • Considerations for what to charge based on the economy post-COVID-19
  • 5 critical keys to bringing in more patients (in-person and via telehealth), so more patients and cash flow are coming in July and August.

Register now and see you on the call this Thursday!


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Chen Yen


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