Pushy Networking and Why It Works – Holistic Health Practitioners

Pushy networking–it’s done all the time.  It leaves you feeling yucky–but why do people keep doing it?  It works.

The problem is that it works to have someone remember you, but not necessarily in the best light.

I went to a networking mixer recently and was taken aback by interactions that took place which was in a nutshell “Hi, I’m XXX.  This is what I do.  Come to my program” without finding out what my needs are, or perhaps ideas on how collaborate and serve each other.

I met one guy who taught others marketing.  The first question out of his mouth was “who are you”?  I answered with what I do.  He said

with a smirk on his face, “No, I asked who are you.  Not what you do.”

The deeper answer I would’ve answered would’ve been that we are all spiritual beings.  But who says that at hello?

At the end of the very quick conversation, during which he mostly talked about himself, he gave me a flyer & told me about an upcoming program he was having. Keep in mind we weren’t at a speed networking event.

When you first network with someone, connect with someone from your heart.  Look for commonality & connection. Then get to know the person, and what they’re up to. Find out if they may have a problem you can solve, before trying to share your program with them.

Maybe being forthright will help you be remembered, but the remembrance of that relationship is that of being pushy.  Who will you decide to work with–someone who is pushy, or someone who cares about you and has a solution to a problem you have?

Another person I met was very clever, pointing out that my name badge was peeling off and that I needed a magnet name badge.  Although a clever way into a conversation, I found him to continue talking about what he offered and then hand me business cards.

It was again about “here’s what I do” with very little interest about what I’m up to or may have a need for, which could align with what they had to offer.

Networking is a 2-way dialogue, rather than a monologue. Did I remember these people?  Absolutely. But do I want to do business with them? Probably not.

At the same time, if you end up just spending the conversation developing a relationship without having a structure of how to flow the conversation into discovering whether you can explore a potential client relationship, the networking process may be extremely slow for you. You get clients a lot slower than you could be.

It’s conversations like these that inspired me to design the Networking-Proof Formula.  I find that many holistic health practitioners (naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, health/spiritual coaches) don’t like to be pushy.  As a result, sometimes they end up doing the opposite of the scenarios I shared with you above.  They spend too much time developing relationships & not exploring a potential client relationship.

Networking becomes a waste of time.

What can you do differently Use the Networking-Proof Formula, which helps you express what’s special about what you do, in a way that gets people interested in wanting to hear more.  That is the difference between getting clients, and networking being a waste of time for you.

In the free teleseminar: “Consistent Clients Formula:  How to Get 5 Committed Clients in 5 Weeks & Put an Extra $5,000+ in Your Checkbook”, the Networking-Proof Formula is something that I get you started on.  If you want to get more clients from networking events without being pushy, register for the Free Teleseminar:  http://www.5clientsin5weeks.com

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