Labor Day Struggles

Have you been meaning to do something you knew could really change your business for the better (or at home), but you’ve managed to keep procrastinating doing it?  Well, it’s Labor Day weekend in the States and you’re off the hook for now  🙂

But I was personally struggling with this problem even when it wasn’t Labor Day yet.  This one particular problem had me coming up with excuses (really good and valid reasons, I may add).  Things like:  “I don’t have time for it”, or “There are other urgent things I have to do now”, or “I don’t have things just right” (yes, I’m a perfectionist).  This went on for 4 months.

What was this one thing that I kept making excuses for? 

It was getting off my butt and making a video after a dry spell for many months.  See, I own a Flip Camera & used to shoot videos from that.  But then I started telling myself I had to look more professional and get good lighting in place.  I bought a more expensive Canon Rebel camera, umbrella lighting, and a white backdrop.  Unfortunately the lighting made me look like a ghost.  My eyes would show up glossy too.  So I bought different lighting—a more professional softbox lighting.

But the lighting sat in a room, abandoned for another month.  Earlier this week, something in me just said I had enough with it.  I decided I was finally going to just get myself out of my chair and start filming again.

I tried to film indoors with my now 3-months new camera and supposedly professional softbox lighting, but still looked like a ghost in the videos.  Then I got so fed up and thought: “screw it– I am going outside to film with my good ol’ Flip Camera and am not going to be bothered with makeup, a script, nor the lighting”.   I went outside in 102 degree Phoenix weather around noon, sweat dripping, and flies flying around and resting on my nose whenever they felt like it.

It took 3 takes and I got one take, where flies managed to leave me alone for a couple of minutes.  Watch this video I made on how to fill your practice quickly and see what you think.

After I finished filming, I felt so much better!  Now I’m excited about creating videos on how specifically to get more clients/patients easily.

Something else unexpected happened: I got inspired to get my violin out that has been gathering dust…and play the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto.  Then I did what I would never have done years ago especially when being out of practice–—I filmed it on a webcam at 10:40pm and made myself vulnerable and open to critique by putting it on You Tube:   Click here to watch it.

If you want to know the truth about my violin playing, I have always been an extremely competitive violinist.  That competitiveness was good to an extent, and got me accepted into Peabody Conservatory of Music (although I admit I never went).  But many times that competitiveness held me back from sharing music with others and I often had serious performance anxiety, because I felt it had to be perfect.  I was hard on myself when I had bad performances.  Then it became an unfortunate cycle.  I would get nervous frequently because of being concerned how others would judge me.

The previous me would not have dared sharing the imperfect video of me playing violin on You Tube.  But somehow I got inspired to share, and doing so allowed me to feel fully expressed.  For some reason, I’ve felt freer and more self-expressed this week.  As a result, I’ve had one of the biggest opportunities so far come through to me in my own business this week.

The lesson of the experience?  When I continued to make excuses because I felt circumstances weren’t perfect–by not doing it at all, it was holding me back.

What’s that one thing for you right now—what are you procrastinating doing most and coming up with all kinds of excuses for? Maybe it’s an excuse to stay comfortable to protect you from what someone else thinks. What gift of yours are you holding back from sharing because of fear of judgment?

Step forward and do something you’ve been meaning to do and that you know is important.  It’s time to change our healthcare system from being about pills to being about a truly integrated approach.  It starts with you getting the word out there about what you do, or you will continue to be a best-kept secret.  People need to know about you!

Is it time for you to do what you’re meant to do, and fill your practice so you can help the people you’re meant to help?

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