One Simple Way to Have a Holiday Cash Boost in Your Practice

I was at the mall a month ago (before Halloween) and saw little kids taking photos with Santa around the Christmas tree and then walking over with their parents to the food court to eat a pile of greasy fried junk food together. For one, I hate going to the mall (I don’t like shopping). And another, I personally don’t get the commercialized craze around the holiday time—the shopping craze for “stuff” in our society.

Not that I’m against kids taking photos with Santa, but just imagine if instead of all the holiday “stuff” craze at the mall, people spent money on taking care of themselves at the core level…and how it would affect their relationships with their kids, significant other, family, co-workers….the things that really matter in life.  Spending money on taking care of themselves at their core level, like what you offer with your acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopath, holistic MD, massage therapy, energy/spiritual healing, or health coaching services.

The good news is that since people are in the holiday spirit of spending money, now is the perfect time to be inspiring people to see the value of coming in to see you now. You have the opportunity to change someone’s life AND have a holiday cash boost before the end of the year.

My clients in the Consistent Clients Makeover Mentorship for Introverts will be learning how to have a holiday cash boost during a special bonus call this Tuesday. They’ll be learning several simple & easy ways to have a holiday cash boost before the end of the year, plus getting templates & scripts to help them set things up to receive a burst of clients and income.

Let me get you started with one simple thing you can put in place for the holidays:  If you have clients, now’s a great time to offer gift certificates. If you offer them in the way I show you (not just giving your time away for free), then you’ll have people who otherwise would not have heard of you come knocking on your doors to book with you.

Now, a couple of things may come to mind when you hear this strategy:
1. You might think: “I’ve done that before, and it didn’t work.”  Don’t worry—there’s an approach to giving gift certificates that works…and it’s likely different from what you’ve done before. And the gift certificates are not something you offer to everyone. It’s something you offer strategically to certain people. You just need to know who to offer them to, and what to offer with the gift certificates if you actually want to get clients from this strategy.

Also it’s important to know whether or not you should offer gift certificates of monetary value.

FYI- gift certificates (especially with monetary value) don’t work as well if you are brand new starting out and haven’t worked with any clients. It’s ok if you haven’t worked with paying clients, but it’s not if you haven’t worked with any clients. If you’re brand new in your practice without much track record, then use another holiday cash boost strategy instead.

2. You might say to yourself, “well that (gift certificate strategy) may be easy if you’re a massage therapist or health coach, but I’m a naturopath or holistic MD.  I’m a physician and don’t do gift certificates.”

Is there something you can offer that is a small window into your work AND would be valuable to your potential clients?  Things like an invitation to an upcoming workshop.  A workshop that’s about a really interesting topic related to what you do.

Then all you need is to design the workshop so that it will automatically inspire the perfect match clients to book on the spot to work with you.

The other easy ways to have an immediate holiday cash boost are included as one of the bonuses of the Consistent Clients Formula program.  If you’re tired of unpredictable months of income and clients and ready to do something about it for yourself, I invite you to take advantage of the significant holiday savings on tuition now (plus a full tuition refund guarantee).  Start using the step-by-step formula to easily attract consistent clients to your practice!

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After enrolling, comment below on whether you found this article helpful.

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