One-Liner Email that Can Bring Patients in this Week

Updated July 23, 2017 (new version)
Do you have patients/clients who haven’t been in for awhile?
  Especially if things are slow in your practice right now, or if you want to give your practice a boost….

(***If you don’t have the time to write a newsletter, a one-liner email works wonders!)

Here’s a one-liner from one of the templates of the Introverted Visionaries 6-Figures Plus Mastermind (see below).  It can be extremely effective to send to your clients/community to reactivate them.  You can also use a variation of it if you connect with your patients personally by phone.

START WITH SOMETHING PERSONAL:  “I’ve been thinking of you—haven’t seen you in awhile. I hope your [insert what they were dealing with] is better.

THE ONE-LINER:  Has anything else been bothering you?  Let me know–it may be time to come in/ get it checked out.  Or I may have a referral for you.”

(Ok, so it is actually a little more than a one-liner)
But it’s super short.  You get the point.

Why does this work so well?  There are a number of reasons why a patient hasn’t been back for awhile.  This allows you to get in touch with your patient to see how he/she is doing.  Also, sometimes it can just be the perfect timing when you send this out.  Your patient (or people on your list) may be dealing with something right now, and your email came at just the right moment.  If it hadn’t, they may have continued to deal with their issue or perhaps gone somewhere else to seek help.

You see, sometimes your patients may not even realize that you can help them with other things.  You would never know what they’re dealing with & whether you can help them or not unless you ask.

Yesterday I went to go see my amazing naturopathic physician (who is also an acupuncturist). I’ve been seeing her for a year now and she’s been working miracles with my health. She’s been able to help me with things that MDs couldn’t figure out. I’m actually gaining weight now, after not being able to for over 10 years.

We’ve been working on other things and it was only yesterday that I decided to ask her about my teeth grinding. I’ve been grinding my teeth at night to the point where I am starting to be afraid of not having teeth left as I get older. Was given a custom Night Guard by my dentist, but couldn’t stand wearing it.

So I asked my doctor about it yesterday.  She did this incredible acupuncture treatment and released a lot of the tension. She also gave me some herbs and supplements that can help with it. As amazing as my physician has been with things, she never asked about it before and neither did I.

It hadn’t occurred to me before that she could really put some attention to it and the tension could go away just like that. (My doctor is out of state & I go to another acupuncturist in town who has helped with it somewhat, but not like what my doctor just did yesterday).

If you ask your patient, you may find that there are things you can help them with that you may not have expected.

Notice that the context of the email is from a place where you are unattached to you being the one they must see for the issue.  Be inspiring, but don’t be attached to the outcome.  It will help your patients (or people on your list) feel more at ease to respond to you.  If you know they can benefit most from a referral, wouldn’t it make sense to refer them out?  At the same time, if you can help them, it’s an opportunity for you to encourage them to come to you and get it checked out.

The key to this working for you is sending this like a regular email, instead of it looking like a mass email or newsletter. Ideally you would send this as a personal email. You can also adapt the 2nd sentence, so it can be sent out in an email you hit one button to send to every patient of yours. But this will work so much better when you write your patients individually.

Don’t have time? Is it worth your time (or your front office person’s time) to send out emails if the return on time investment can be a patient coming in again & likely paying you at least $50-250 (depending on your profession) per email?
(or more, if the patient comes in for more than 1 visit)  Imagine having more people you can help this week.

When you care about people, and when you have a framework that works for people to know you can help them, you will be busier.

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