% of Naturopaths, LAcs, LMTs, health coaches with 2nd jobs

I was talking to a VIP Practice Makeover client of mine who shared that she attended a professional association meeting in Washington and couldn’t believe her ears about the statistics of acupuncture graduates who graduate and aren’t practicing full-time.

Do you know the statistics of acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists, and health coaches who graduate and aren’t practicing full-time in their profession?

After speaking with my client, I did some quick research on my own to look up the stats.  While I was unable to find current stats (and couldn’t find any for ie, health coaches), I found studies that showed only 57% of trained acupuncturists and 35% of trained naturopaths were working in their practice full-time.  What do you think the stats are like today? Comment below on what you’ve seen or heard.

Just this Friday, I was talking to an acupuncturist and health coach who were working 2nd jobs.  One was working a a part-time job waitressing  and the other was working a full-time job in a pharmacy while doing what he/she really wanted to do on the side.  They both told me they preferred to be doing what they went to school for full-time.