My Crystal Ball Prediction of Your Business

When I woke up yesterday morning, I decided I was going to ballet class.  I felt such joy in my heart about that decision, as if something in my soul had come alive.  Since coming back from an Inner Awakening program with my spiritual mentor in December last year, a part of me really wanted to dance again.

But I would make my calendar full with other things or tell myself it was too far of a drive.

Yesterday I decided differently.  And it’s as if something heavy has been lifted from me.  I didn’t even notice it was heavy until after it was lifted (I admit the class kicked my butt, but that’s a different story).

What does this have to do with my crystal ball prediction of your business?

It’s my crystal ball prediction of the #1 thing that’s holding you back from the next level in your business.  And it’s not this: not having social media, not having the perfect website, or not networking enough.  It’s not having trouble with exposure.  Yes, you heard me right.  It’s not exposure.

It’s congruency.

Congruency with the message in your heart that you want to share with others.  True authenticity.  It may be something that you’ve kept to yourself as a secret– a part of you is afraid (or wants to hide).  So you still help everyone, or even if you’ve decided on a group of people you most want to help, something does not feel not quite right.  It shows up in your business hitting a ceiling, and not being able to get past it. It could be inconsistent cashflow or you working a lot harder in your business than you need to because you’re not on your dime.

I went to an event this past weekend with many health coach attendees and spoke to several people who said they were mostly health coaching people to lose weight right now.  Yet when I talked to them further, other things would come out….that they really wanted to be helping people with digestive issues because they had gluten issues themselves and solved it.  Or that they had a love for animals and wanted to do something related to nutrition for animals (rather than coaching adults like they were doing right now).

Do you hear how juicy that is?  Imagine people with digestive issues who are tired of taking medications that aren’t working.  They are waiting for someone like one of the health coaches I was talking to.

But a part of them (the health coaches) was hiding.  A part of them said they needed to pay the bills, so it wasn’t time to step into their dime…yet.

(It’s ironic, because the glow that showed up on their faces while they talked about their passion would inspire anyone with those issues to want to work with them.)

The more congruent you are about what you truly stand for in your business, the more flow you’ll have in your practice.

As you can see, I’m not sharing this out of being perfect because I continue to get into alignment with what my heart wants.  The part of me that wanted to dance again was hiding.  In my business, making a 180 degree shift toward my dime was one of the scariest things to step into.  Yet it was the key to fulfillment and more money in my business.  Here was my secret that I was hiding about my business if you haven’t heard it yet. I’m still continuing to step more into my dime, and if you’re a part of my community, stay tuned to see how I’m evolving to serve you. It will benefit you!

So what are you going to choose?  Is it your time?  Is it your time to claim your space and step out with what your heart really wants to do?  Or will you stay playing small, because you’re not sure how to make it happen?

Ready to figure out what your dime is, and who “your tribe” really is?  It’s the first step to having clients seek you out, instead of you wondering where they’re coming from.

If you are ready to have that finally figured out, plus have the rest of the steps to attracting a consistent flow of clients?  Enrollment is open for the Consistent Clients Formula teleseminar program – it walks you through the formula to having consistent clients and income in your practice.  It’s step-by-step, complete with done-for-you templates, scripts.  I release a limited number of bonuses to the program once a month.  See if it’s what you could really use now to start doing what you’re meant to do in this world in a big way!

Comment below on whether you feel you’re on your dime, and share your stories (challenging ones ok) about getting on your dime.

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