Margot Zack, Functional Medicine Practitioner

How she grew a virtual practice without social media

Margot Zack, functional medicine practitioner with focus in nutrition, had been in practice for a little over 3 years
& started her practice right before COVID hit. 

She felt frustrated because she felt like she had so much to say and info that people needed,
but she wasn’t getting enough clients. 

Margot got burnt out trying to market on social media. 
Nothing clicked or felt authentic.

Margot talks about what helped her grow her virtual practice and income quickly and how she raised her fees. 

Margot shares her experience giving a talk and having the large majority of her audience take her up on what she offered.
She also talks about the process she went through to start offering group programs and make a bigger impact beyond just seeing people 1-on-1.

Margot shares what she offers and fees, plus her vision for her practice.

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