Steps to making $127k/yr next year in your holistic health practice

I had a session with a naturopath a few weeks ago who’s been in practice for over 10 years.  He told me he wanted to make 7 figures by this time next year, and is currently making 5 figures.

I told him I see that as being possible in him (making 7 figures), but my recommendation was that we first look at creating the foundation for a 6-figure business. He responded that a friend of his made 7 figures from the internet and he felt he could skip from 5 to 7 figures. When I asked him what his specific plans were for making 7 figures, he answered “I don’t know….Well, that’s why I called you.”

And then there was an acupuncturist I talked to this week who currently makes $1k/mo and wants to make $125k/yr. When asked what her specific plans were for making 6 figures, she said “go out there and speak more.”  She currently converts less than 10% of the people she speaks in front of into actual paying patients.  Her strategy of going out there & speaking more felt tiring to me.

One of my mentors used to always say “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results”.  I think it may have been first said by Albert Einstein. It’s personally stuck in my head whenever I find myself being tempted to make grandiose goals without having a specific plan that works to get there. The key to having big goals & a sustainable business is a specific plan that works. Otherwise, it’s feast or famine and struggling to pay the bills.

Have you been hovering at the mid 5-figure mark for some time and can’t seem to break 6 figures?  Here’s why: you desire a 6-figure holistic business, but don’t have the solid foundation of one (and sometimes don’t have the foundation of a solid 5-figure practice). Can you go on vacation for a week and your clients will still be served? Can you count on doing certain strategies and always having clients come in the door? Or do you secretly struggle to keep your doors open?

It takes a different set of mindset and a different set of strategies to break 6 or 7 figures (than it does to make mid 5-figures).

A 6-figure holistic practice requires that you have proven strategies of bringing patients/clients in the door, keeping them, and leveraging your time. It also requires developing a new relationship with money–attracting it & keeping it. Otherwise, you’re stuck at 5-figures, or growing a painful 6-figure practice.  You’re working long hours and don’t feel like you’re making the difference you want to be. And you’re tired of not having the money/lifestyle to show for it.

When you master certain key areas of building your practice, making 6 figures becomes just a matter of time (rather than just a dream). One area of mastery is being confident with knowing and expressing what’s different/special about what you do.  The expression includes what you say that brings someone in, and the unique experience you give your clients.  It’s what will make a client decide to work with you vs. someone else…and keep coming back to you.

Another is excelling at having conversations with potential clients in a way that serves them — one that helps them make a decision about moving forward with their health from a place of knowing vs. fear/concerns of money. These are two of five key foundation areas of mastery.

Then the next step to a 6-figure holistic practice without sacrificing your own lifestyle goals is leverage.  Leverage can happen by hiring office staff or speaking to get business.  It can happen by creating programs/packages or offering products that help more people using the same amount of time that you’re currently serving one with.   When you speak, for example, instead of converting just 10% of the people you speak, learn how to convert 20% or more. You end up doubling your effectiveness when you do that. When you create programs/packages, learn how to create them so your patients/clients can’t wait to sign up for what you have to offer.

You can start off with the foundation of a 6-figure practice, even if you’re currently making 5-figures.  It takes commitment and implementing concrete strategies that work.  My students in the
5 Committed Clients in 5 Weeks” Program starting in January are already learning the foundation of what it takes to create a consistent 6-figure holistic practice. They are first starting off with getting patients/clients in the door quickly, using simple & effective step-by-step strategies from the bonus call “How to Get Clients Quickly & Make Extra $ for the Holidays & New Yr”.  Then they’ll be learning & implementing proven strategies to either keep patients/clients coming back, or get a steady stream of referrals.

Want to also make 2013 the year you create the foundation for a 6-figure practice?   You’re invited to enroll now to lock in the early bird tuition before it goes up.  Or see if “5 Committed Clients in 5 Weeks” is right for you by listening to the free teleseminar “Consistent Clients Formula:  How to Get 5 Committed Clients in 5 Weeks & Put an Extra $5,000 in Your Checkbook”.  You’ll learn how to attract a regular flow of patients/clients, without having to struggle anymore.  The key is taking the right consistent action in the direction that will get you to the next level of your practice financially, professionally, & personally.  Make 2013 your best year ever!

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