Lesson #3 from a Car Wash – Less Marketing, More Clients in Your Practice

In the last article, I shared with you lessons #1 &2 I learned from Danny’s Family Carwash, so you can use them to start receiving an easier flow of patients/clients in your practice.  You’ll make them happier, plus make passive income in your practice.

Remember what I shared with you about how I walked in wanting a car wash and an oil change, and happily walked out with that AND getting my glass windshield replaced?

(To fill you in about what I shared in the last article, I like going to Danny’s because it’s an experience.  You pull up for a car wash and then wait for your car, while seeing it get washed, hand dried, and vacuumed.  You can even sit inside a building and have 360 degree view of your car through glass windows, while this is all being done.

I can go there and have other things done at the same time (ie, oil change, get gas, etc).  It’s perfect especially for a woman who doesn’t like going to car mechanics and wondering if they can be trusted.

This time, I pulled up and a guy asked me what kind of car wash I wanted.  *Basic*, I answered.  He then asked if I wanted my oil changed or gas filled up.  *Oil change, please”.  Then he told me it comes with a free car wash (which I already knew & which is why I go there).

The next thing that happened was another guy looked at my windshield and as he pointed to the 8-inch crack, he said “We can fix that and get your windshield replaced”.  I told him I knew they could fix it, but I don’t have time for it.

Now, I’ve been to Danny’s Family Car Wash many times & they have even fixed glass chips on my windshield while I’ve waited for my car to be washed.  Each time, they call the insurance company for you and then repair the chip in the windshield while you’re waiting.  And they have pointed out this particular long 8-inch crack in my windshield before, and my answer to them was “no, I won’t worry about it this time”.

But this time was different.  The guy continued to say “we can send someone out to your house to replace it.  You just have to be there to hand the car over, and when it’s done they’ll ring your doorbell.  We’ll call insurance & get everything set up for you.  And we’ll give you 5 free car washes on us (a $50 value).”

I said yes, and boy did I feel relieved to get it all taken care of! 

What can you do to can get more clients without having to do as much marketing?

Lesson #3:  Choose a partnership that is a win/win/win.  You can do less marketing but actually get more patients/clients.

That’s exactly what Danny’s Family Car Wash and the glass repair/windshield replacement company did.  They are brilliant.

The win for the glass repair/windshield company:  The glass repair/windshield company didn’t have to advertise nor try very hard to get business.  It was easy for the glass replacement company to attract people who had a need—just look at the windshield when a car is pulling up for a car wash.

Just imagine for your practice—how nice would it be if potential clients just walked up, and you didn’t have to try to figure out where to spend your time or money advertising to get found?

The win for customers of Danny’s Family Car Wash:  The people who come into Danny’s for a car wash (and who actually need glass repair or windshield replacement) are likely to say yes to getting their glass repaired/windshield replaced.  For example, instead of having to figure out whether the glass windshield replacement company I went to was legit or not, Danny’s Family Car Wash had my trust.  I’ve been going there for ages.

The win for Danny’s Family Car Wash:  they likely make commission from the windshield replacement company.  Plus, it’s extra money for them without THEM doing the work.  But to be honest, whether Danny’s gets a commission from the windshield replacement company is irrelevant, because my whole experience was made memorable and I will likely go there over another car wash company.

As an acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist, naturopath, energy/spiritual healer, or health coach, What can you do to be like the glass windshield repair company, and not have to try so hard to get clientsWhat can you do to choose a partnership that’s truly the best case scenario for all 3 parties?

Imagine your clients being happier about you being more of a “one-stop shop”.  They’ll be grateful you’ve saved their time and frustration with finding the best people/places to go for what they need.  You’ll likely make more money too.

Start out by considering what you can do to partner with others to make your services more valuable.  Who should you partner with?  For example, if you’re a health coach and offer a special gut rebuilding cleanse, you can approach a naturopathic office that doesn’t offer something like that.

But how do you approach them?  What should you say, so they will want to refer patients to you?

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