Lesson #3 from a Car Wash – Less Marketing, More Clients in Your Practice

In the last article, I shared with you lessons #1 &2 I learned from Danny’s Family Carwash, so you can use them to start receiving an easier flow of patients/clients in your practice.  You’ll make them happier, plus make passive income in your practice.

Remember what I shared with you about how I walked in wanting a car wash and an oil change, and happily walked out with that AND getting my glass windshield replaced?

(To fill you in about what I shared in the last article, I like going to Danny’s because it’s an experience.  You pull up for a car wash and then wait for your car, while seeing it get washed, hand dried, and vacuumed.  You can even sit inside a building and have 360 degree view of your car through glass windows, while this is all being done.

I can go there and have other things done at the same time (ie, oil change, get gas, etc).  It’s perfect especially for a woman who doesn’t like going to car mechanics and wondering if they can be trusted.

This time, I pulled up and a guy asked me what kind of car wash I wanted.  *Basic*, I answered.  He then asked if I wanted my oil changed or gas filled up.  *Oil change, please”.  Then he told me it comes with a free car wash (which I already knew & which is why I go there).

The next thing that happened was another guy looked at my windshield and as he pointed to the 8-inch crack, he said “We can fix that and get your windshield replaced”.  I told him I knew they could fix it, but I don’t have time for it.

Now, I’ve been to Danny’s Family Car Wash many times & they have even fixed glass chips on my windshield while I