Kathryn Taketa-Wong, ND, LAc

How she got booked 2.5 mo out
& bringing in another stream of income


Kathryn Taketa-Wong, ND, LAc was fairly busy but didn’t have a consistent flow of patients and felt frustrated about retention. 
She felt like she was chained to her work all the time and worn out emotionally and physically. 

Her husband said “you’re not married to me; you’re married to your work.”  
She has two young kids and found it a challenge to juggle everything.

She talks about what helped her go from that to getting booked 2.5 months out, hire good staff, and getting paid $338-400/hr. 
She helps children with autism and other special needs.

Listen to her share her exciting vision for the practice and words of wisdom for growing a successful practice.

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