John Luna-Sparks, LAc

John Luna-Sparks, LAc from job to busy cash-based practice + staff

John had been in practice for 18 months as an acupuncturist while still working as a psychotherapist in a job.
He was frustrated not knowing where his next patients were going to come from and worried that his business wasn’t going to take off.
He was always a really hard worker but just had very few patients.

John talks about what helped him grow significantly to be able to leave his job and be at an income level he never thought he’d be at.
He also talks about the challenges of entrepreneurship, plus how he was able to pivot quickly to offer telehealth when COVID first started
(even being able to do that when having a sports acupuncture practice).
After that, he moved into a new clinic space and took over a Tai Chi school.
Now he is booked out at least 2 weeks in advance in his 100% cash-based practice.

Plus, he has another acupuncturist and support staff, which he never imagined he’d have so soon.
John shares what he offers in his practice and fees, plus his vision for his practice.

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