Jaquel Patterson, ND

Straddling to multi-practitioner practice

Jaquel Patterson ND, MBA, was working in a high-paying job
at a community health center and had a private practice on the side,
but felt like she wasn’t living her purpose.

She always felt 85% there and didn’t want to look back in her life
and wish she would’ve gone out on her own.

She talks about what helped her go from straddling
to growing a successful multi-practitioner practice within 3 years
that runs on its own even when she’s out of the office.

Plus, keys to having her biggest months even during the start of COVID
when some NDs closed their practices. 

She talks about the practice’s service offerings and mindset behind fees.
Listen to her share her exciting vision for the practice.

Jaquel is the recent past President of American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
and a client of ours for 3 years.

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