Ibby Omole, ND, LAc (now RAc)

How she increased patient flow in Canada vs. US
  Juggling being a mom and how she got busier 


Ibby Omole, ND, LAc (currently RAc in Canada) had been in practice for 12 years. 
She moved from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC and it felt like practicing in an unlicensed state in the US.

People were willing to stay on to see a naturopathic doctor,
as long as it was covered by their benefits and the benefits range from $200-$1000.

Ibby had a part-time job for 2 yrs
while having her practice on the side and juggling being a mom of 2 kids.

After she did the Fill My Practice Fast Immersion, her bookings went from 50% or less to 80% booking appointments.
She was able to practice full-time, cover her expenses, and also be making money.

Ibby continued on to being a part of the 14 Days program
and the 6-Figure Speaking Makeover Mentorship for Introverts.
As a result, she was getting busier.
She talks about getting an opportunity to collaborate with a large compounding pharmacy.

With 2 kids and a full practice, Ibby gives her words of wisdom about juggling being a mom and growing a practice
first in the US and then Canada.  Ibby also shares her advice for other practitioners.
(in the US, she had a 4-wk wait list in her practice)

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