Do you ever get nervous speaking? (how to deal with it)

As a kid, I was often jealous of other kids.  My parents were strict.  I still remember being 6 years old and my dad had me do math problems in Chinese when other kids would be playing outside (even though I was born in Taiwan, I grew up in the US and my parents wanted me to still have a close tie to my culture).  I still remember crying as I would do the math problems, because I wasn’t living up to my dad’s expectations and he would yell at me. A few years later, I was in 3rd grade.  Sunday mornings when the paper would come, instead of being excited to read the comics like I imagined other kids would, I dreaded every Sunday when the paper got delivered to our apartment in NJ.  Sundays meant my dad would have me read an article in the paper and do a current event talk.  I hated it. (My dad was a research scientist & PhD educated engineer.  He was used to giving talks on research topics & his inflection was unanimated and delivery style dry.  He taught me in the only way he knew how, and the only way I could get out of those dreadful Sundays was to mimic him.) <—–There’s my dad, and I’m the one on the left in the photo) As I grew up, whenever I was asked to do a presentation in school, I would get so nervous.  I was so used to being judged by my dad before.  I would feel extremely anxious about doing a talk because I would be so concerned about how other people would think of me. Speaking became such a performance anxiety thing for me.  As I became older, whenever I was asked to speak, I was not only anxious but I also had this very analytical, boring way of giving talks that I had a bad habit of giving. I had never imagined that I would ever do talks for a living.  The only reason I ended up speaking is because I loved to teach.  Teaching gave me joy (we have a lineage of teachers on both sides of our family, so I suppose it’s in our blood).  And when I started to look at speaking as teaching, I became less anxious and started having fun with it. But when I decided I had a message to share and many holistic health practitioners to help, I didn’t know how to teach and get clients from it.  Speaking is only fun for so long when you don’t get clients from it. I invested in training from different mentors, attended numerous seminars, and finally developed a style of speaking and getting clients that felt authentic to me.  I was finally able to tap into being true to myself when I spoke, instead of feeling anxious every time I spoke & being stoic when I did talks. How to deal with nervousness?  I personally play my favorite music that is meditative before I speak, so it gets me in the zone.  Recently, I started using sprays that feel of high energy frequency to me & it helps me feel energetically clear before I speak. If I get nervous when I’m speaking, I bring myself back to the thought of how I am spreading the energy of love to the room. That helps get me back to the present moment, rather than being concerned about what they’re thinking of me. And the most important thing is being prepared.  When I’m prepared, I feel more calm and confident going in to a talk. Now many of my clients have used the framework I’ve developed of how to make money speaking….to not only educate & inspire, but to also predictably get patients & clients from it (plus even be making passive income from it).  Join me in my upcoming 3 Insider Secrets to Double Your Client Base Quickly Thru Speaking, the Introverted Way” FREE webinar. ——>>>If you already do talks and are ready to get more patients/clients each time you speak, enter your name and email below for a FREE  Multiply the Patients You Get From Speaking” Evaluation session.


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