How to hire someone who won’t just leave and take patients with them

“Who is to say a potential hire wouldn’t just open their own practice next door after working for me?”

You’ve gotten to this point in your practice where you are successful.  It’s this in-between stage where hiring someone would really take things off your plate.  Instead of staying late to fit people in, It will allow you to have more time back in your life, or help more people than you can just by yourself.

But one fear you have is that you hire & train someone, they work for you, and then they open up a practice somewhere else.

3 Reasons to Consider Hiring Even Despite This Concern:

Reason #1:  If you let this concern hold you back, you won’t have the impact you possibly could if you were to hire someone to help you.  This limiting belief will only keep you stuck. 

You may not feel the pain of it today, but as you get busier, you’ll find yourself either getting more burnt out or having to turn patients down.  That doesn’t help you nor others, especially when many people could be benefiting from your practice.

Reason #2:  We can’t control whether someone will leave or open up their own practices. 
What do most businesses do?  They make sure they have systems in place that allow someone new coming in to be trainable & catch on.  They also create a culture that makes people want to stay.  Just as someone may want to either leave or not be a fit for your practice, there are people out there who will love what you’ve created and would want to be a part of it.

How you can you create a work environment in your clinic so that someone would want to be a part of it and stay?

Another aspect of creating culture that decreases the impact of someone leaving and opening up a practice somewhere else is creating culture so that patients don’t carry expectations of being tied to see one provider.  

I know of a very successful acupuncturist with several acupuncturists in his practice.  He decided to create the culture of patients expecting to see different acupuncturists.  His philosophy is that it’s more helpful to the patient to have a team-based approach.  This also decreases the issue of scheduling when a patient is wanting to come in but a particular acupuncturist is not available then.   

You may think, “but a patient has a relationship with one provider and they will ask for that provider.”

I go to a chiropractic clinic where the culture is such that either of the 2 chiropractors will see you.  Although I have only seen one chiropractor simply because of the schedule I’ve had (I’m newer going there), it’s interesting that because of the way the admin staff have prepped me for that, I’m not bent out of shape on the thought of not seeing that chiropractor.  I trust in the skills of the other chiropractor.

How is your clinic communicating the credibility of your other practitioners?   Are you helping your patients feel confident in seeing your associates, or do you secretly like the idea of people just asking for you?

Reason #3Let’s say that someone works for you and does open up somewhere else.  So what if they open up elsewhere? 
There are enough people in your area to go around. 

There are some people who will prefer to see you.  There are some people who will be drawn to going somewhere else.

When you come from the space of abundance, you will feel limitless instead of a feeling of lack.

Protect Yourself

Certainly when you’re hiring, also put in place an agreement that supports decreasing the chance of an associate leaving with your patients without you being compensated.  Have it in the agreement a non-solicitation clause-that your associate can’t solicit your existing patients.   Also, if your associate does open up their own practice down the street and ends up taking your patients, there is a financial agreement (if patients decide) where you’re compensated for the loss in your business.  This financial agreement would be entered into before they become an associate in your practice.

Ready to Hire the Right Person?

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