How to Get Booked with a Full Schedule of Patients from Just 1-2 Health Fairs per YEAR

Have you done health fairs before, but it was a waste of time?  You thought it would be a good opportunity to get in front of many people, but it hardly brought in any patients.

Or you’ve never done one before, and it seems like it could be a good idea…but you’re not sure how to get patients from it?

Finally, perhaps you have done health fairs before and they were successful.  But you’d like to do fewer of them and get more patients each time, because you don’t want to be away too many Saturdays away from family.

What if you could get booked with a full schedule of patients from just doing 1-2 health fairs a YEAR?

Recently, I was talking to Dr. Adrian Larsen, DC, LAc.  He started his practice in his living room.  A trickle of patients from friends, family, and people at church came in.  But few patients came in the door.  He tried a couple of advertising things and had no money for big advertising things because it was expensive.  Still nothing much happened.

Fortunately, he ended up meeting a naturopathic physician and his practice turned around.  She had been in practice 30 years, had a huge practice, and referred him a lot of patients.  He essentially had a “sugar mommy” who got him his practice off the ground faster, but he also knows that not everyone has someone like that.  Since then, he has had another approach of getting new patients that has worked really well.

Join me this week when Dr. Larsen will be talking about how to replicate the growth he had in his practice from doing a single event, ie: a health fair, talk, etc using a unique approach.  He is an introvert too, so he knows what it’s like to not want to always have to be “out there” marketing.

He will be talking about things like what an acupuncturist who moved to a new city did to get 30 new patients from one event.

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