How to find a good front desk person or associate

Have you thought about hiring lately, but you’re not sure where to find someone?
You would like someone who does their job without you having to always remind or babysit them.

I was giving one of my Introverted Visionary 6-Figures Plus Mastermind members (where we are fast tracking them to multi-6 & 7-figures), a chiropractor, a practice makeover just a few days ago, and he brought up how awesome his front desk person is and how he really saw her being there for the long haul.

I have talked to her before and one thing I remember is how positive and warm she was. He’s certainly got a good person as part of his staff. But most holistic health practitioners aren’t that lucky. How did he find her?

She was a patient of his originally and had tremendous transformation with her health and is a walking success story.

Another Introverted Visionary year-long mastermind member had to “clean house” recently and let go of people who were good before but who were no longer taking their work seriously & didn’t seem to share her vision of growth at this stage. She jumped on a call with me two weeks ago & was excited to be interviewing someone later that day. And guess where that person came from? A patient of hers knew someone.

Another Introverted Visionary alumni has hired someone who books talks for him after he got the 6-Figure Speaking System for Introverts in place. He used to have a hard time getting good speaking opportunities. Now he has a good extrovert booking him left & right for talks using the templates & scripts from the system. Guess where that person came from? She is a patient of his who raves about him.

One overlooked way to hire someone good is by asking your patients. (I know, some o