Ever get nervous speaking? How to calm your nerves in 3 secs

In an informal poll from a previous article I wrote, 38% of you said you get extremely nervous each time you do talks; 26% say you don’t get extremely nervous but get butterflies, and 34% said the thought is so nerve-wracking that you don’t do talks.   

I get nervous too. Aside from what I’ve shared before with you about my little routine before I speak, here’s a behind-the-scenes look before my talk at a national conference last month:

You can use it in situations where you’re nervous, even outside of speaking (well, maybe not right in front of someone’s face…you’ll see why 🙂

Like this tip? Here’s what our clients are saying about their experience using the 6-Figure Speaking system for Introverts:

“I’ve been in practice for over 12 years and I wanted to work more with nutrition and wellness patients. My income has doubled since I’ve been working with Chen. I followed the system and got booked for 5+ talks quickly and have had 50% conversions from talks. Most of my patients from those talks are still here today. I couldn’t believe the collections we have had in the last few months, because I haven’t had that kind of consistency before. I’m having a lot of fun doing what I’m doing and making more strides financially. I’ve been with other practice management companies before and this experience has been by far the best I’ve had.” -Dr. David Derosa, DC

“Since working with Chen, I only do 1 talk/mo – that along with the referrals I get from my patients keeps me busy for the whole month. I convert around 50% and get people on board with $2000 packages straight from the talk. Thank you for the system that allows me to do talks the introverted way without having to be putting in all my energy marketing all the time.”- Melissa M, LAc

“I used to do talks and even though I loved doing them, people would tell me it was a great talk but I rarely got patients from them. After using Chen’s system and approach, I was able to do a talk in front of 50 people recently and came away with 26 patients who paid and came to my office for their first visit. I made over $8000 from the talk (which doesn’t include the lifetime value of a patient). I feel inspired to do talks, because not only can I educate people about their health issues, but I now have a way of getting patients I can help after the talk.” -Dr. Kevin Passero, ND, former President of MD Naturopathic Doctors Association

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For the other behind-the-scenes quick tips I shared about calming your nerves quickly, access Part I of the article now.


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