How to Become a Best-Selling Author and Be Seen as a Go-to Expert Quickly

I’ve attended many trainings & conferences over the years and sometimes I sit in a room where everyone’s asked “who wants to write a book?” or “who has a book in you?”  Each time, I check in with my own desire and think—-nope, not my desire.  And it still isn’t. But as a mentor of 3 days/wk, 6-figure holistic practitioners, it’s my job to share with you the best ways to grow your practices.  And many of you have told me how you really want to write a book.

This, in particular, caught my attention: I started hearing about a guy in a mastermind I’m a part of.  He is a best-selling author himself and has a way of getting authors to the #1 Best-Selling author spot on Amazon, and does it over and over again with other authors. I thought to myself, that’s nice, but I don’t see it as being a priority strategy for many holistic practitioners. If you’re a naturopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, energy/spiritual healer or health coach, in order to make money from a book, you have to have your act together with the strategy AFTER someone reads your book.

Publishing a book doesn’t always mean your business will automatically boom after that. There are many poor authors and even poor best-selling authors out there. Then I heard him speak.  He talked about how many people have a desire to write books, yet few people either do it or make money from it.  80% want to which is 4 out of 5 people in North America and yet less than 1 in 10,000 ever even get started writing because they just don’t know how. He said it’s true that there are many popular authors who are poor, but that he also had a way of helping people make money from their book quickly.  He had the strategy of the before AND after of writing a book: getting best-selling expert status, and making good money from it.

      • So when is the right time to write a book? 
      • Should you publish your own book? 
      • How do you get to #1 Best-selling author status?
      • How do you make money from your book? 
      • What’s the easiest way to get your book written? (instead of letting it be on your “to-do” list forever) 
      • How long does it realistically take to get a book published & making you money? 

As part of my community, you will have the privilege to hear me interview Bob Burnham and find out the answers to these questions:

Secrets to Writing a Book AND Becoming an Amazon #1 Best-Seller 

Wed, April 23 @ 5:30pm PT/6:30pm MT/7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET

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Learn how to write a book quickly and achieve Amazon #1 Best-Seller status, so you can:

  • Totally separate yourself from the herd
  • Magnetically attract your ideal clients on autopilot
  • Successfully charge prices higher than your competitors every time
  • Be seen as the go-to expert in your field & start making the money you deserve

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About Bob Burnham, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author:

Bob Burnham is author of several # 1 Amazon Best Sellers including: 101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book; How To Make A Six Figure Income By Writing & Publishing Your Own Book, has a keen sense for seeing sales conversion opportunities and the creativity to convert them into gold! Bob provides high‐impact, low‐cost, customized sales‐closing strategies for turbo‐charging holistic practitioners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors and Speakers to great profits. After 35 years as the CEO & founder of 26 Fire, Flood & Carpet Cleaning restoration locations across Canada, he now helps create powerful success strategies for authors that double and even triple their business profits.

He not only understands what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, but how to use a book to achieve expert status quickly. It’s time to get your message out and make the money you deserve. In just the last 4 short years, Bob has created Expert Author Publishing a home‐based business doing over 6 figures per year and he is able to still go to all his daughters dance recitals and school field trips. Bob helps other budding authors do the same, and is the undisputed expert on how to make BIG money doing what you love!


  1. Bineta Ngom on December 18, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    I want to write a book, I have many idea but I can’t organize them, I need help, thanks

    • Chen Yen on January 12, 2014 at 5:14 pm

      Hi Bineta, enter your name & email in this post–I’ll keep you posted if I interview Bob again. In the meantime, I’d be happy to connect the two of you to see if and how he can help you. Email me (send to requests at your phone #.

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