How to be prepared to deal with the coronavirus and prevent practice slow down

I’ve been getting asked this a lot in the last few days and thought to share this with you.

Question: How can I be better prepped for dealing with implications of coronavirus?

People are getting concerned about coronavirus and are canceling appointments-what to do?

At a time when there is a lot of fear, we can either contribute to it, be a “victim’ of it, or  a source of inspiration for people right now.

People need healthcare when they’re concerned about being sick or are sick. It’s our opportunity to step up in our leadership as holistic health practitioners:

  1. Think about why now is a good time to get your services & communicate that.  (ie, does what you do help build up the immune system?  If you’re a chiropractor or acupuncturist, for example, your treatments can support the immune system.  Let your patients and potential patients know that it can be beneficial to get care right now.What if your treatments aren’t related to that?  An acupuncturist client of mine who offers facial rejuvenation acupuncture lives in New York City and was wondering how he could still inspire people to come in for treatments.I suggested to him that what if he were to bring something up something like how taking care of yourself from the inside out is important, especially as a woman juggling different things right there’s something left to give especially during these times?)
  2. Educate the public about what to take precautions on and about what is known about coronavirus so far.Blown out of proportion fear doesn’t help people get healthy.

    Help them calm their fears:
    CDC info for the public
    CDC info for health care professionals
  3. Educate your patients & potential patients about the measures you’re taking in your clinic (ie, sanitizing) to help them feel more comfortable.A massage therapist client of mine who owns a massage therapy clinic says a few of her clients have stopped coming in because of being concerned with the coronavirus.  One thing she’s done is email her clients about the extra measures they’re taking at the clinic to take extra precautions to sanitize even more during this time.  You can require sanitizing and washing hands when entering clinic, check their temperatures with a thermometer gun, stock masks & require or encourage (depending on your geographic location & nature of your practice) people to wear them.
  4. Reach out to other holistic practitioners about collaboration (the healthcare system will be burdened if there really is a big coronavirus outbreak where you live and MDs & conventional medical providers will need your help).  People will still need help with their acute & chronic health issues and you likely have knowledge and expertise that other holistic practitioners and conventional medicine practitioners don’t have.  Now is the time to share your expertise even more with others.

*Educate by talking about it in your visits, emailing patients educational things about it, hosting a free call or webinar to your patient base, do a video on FB Live or You Tube on this.  A naturopathic doctor client of mine, for example, recently sent an email to her patient base about what supplements to help support the immune system.  Another naturopathic doctor client of mine used it as an opportunity to remind her patient base that they can do videoconference as always.

How Taiwan, an island of 24 million population (with high density in a lot of areas) has contained it with a small # of cases, even though it has close ties with China & is close to neighboring Asian countries that have way many more cases (ie, Japan, South Korea)….  I’m in Taiwan right now & seeing it first hand.

People are still leading normal lives here, commuting to work in subways, walking around in close proximity to others, shopping & going out to eat, even though there are less big crowds than before (there have been fewer tourists).  What Taiwan can teach the world about fighting coronavirus

Now, about patients canceling or not coming in because of being afraid of the coronavirus…this is where my clients who have online-based wellness businesses or have another stream of income coming in beyond seeing patients 1-on-1 are so grateful to have set things up to help people that way. 

Have you been wanting to do something like that, but haven’t pulled the trigger?  Sometimes it’s times like these that propel us forward in actually doing something about those desires.
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