How to Attract Affluent Clients and Make 6 or 7 Figures with Ease

If you get frustrated with people who can’t seem to pay you for your services, imagine not having to deal with “I can’t afford it” anymore.  Imagine people who have open pocketbooks, ready to hand over the money if you have what they want.

People who care about their health and who would drop thousands of dollars, without money being an issue.  For example, I know a functional medicine doctor who charges $8000 for a package to work with him and his clients happily pay it.  That’s ok.  A client of mine who is a massage therapist charges over $500 for a facial rejuvenation package, and her clients happily pay her for it.  You can start there.

Affluent people will happily pay you what you’re worth.

How many affluent people are there who can easily pay you for your services?  In the US alone, there are 35 million or more with a net worth of $100,000 or more, and around 15.3 million affluent households (according to NBC News) with a net worth of $500,000 or more.   That’s a lot of people….a lot of potential clients for you.

Now, just because they’re affluent doesn’t mean they are snobby or just throw their money anywhere. The affluent do tend to want higher standards of care, but they aren’t necessarily snobby. In fact, many times, they are nice people who value your services. And they actually tend to be savvy shoppers.

So why would they want to work with you, and how do you get found by them?

Affluent clients don’t usually look at an ad in the paper or at a random postcard mailing to decide who to see.  Think about it—they don’t have time. Many times, they rely on word-of-mouth from people they know.
That’s great for those of you who are good with getting word-of-mouth clients. But how does the word start to spread about you don’t have your first affluent client?

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