How the CIA changed the course of my career

“We can’t interview you through international phone lines.”  That one statement changed the course of my career. 

I couldn’t believe my ears.  I was studying abroad at Oxford University in England and got a call from the CIA.  I had applied for a job at the CIA and at the time thought it was the coolest thing that I got a call from them for an interview.  But one of the first questions they asked me was where I was and they told me they couldn’t interview me through international phone lines. 

I wasn’t about to fly back home just to interview, so the rest of that term went by.  The next term, I flew home…and for some reason I didn’t pursue it…

Isn’t it fascinating how sometimes in life we are at a crossroads and one decision can change everything? 

One decision leads to other decisions and happenings.  And when looking back, you realize the profound impact of that decision.

Who knows what I’d be doing right now if I was in the US when the CIA called me?

If you’re at a crossroads and it’s a moment when you have a choice to go one way that can shift everything, what to do?

The most important thing is to make a decision and put all your energy into that.  It’s through the clarity of one decision that leads to further clarity.   Indecision is an obstacle to success, because spinning of indecision drains your energy and power.

If you’re indecisive right now, make a decision out of the place of inspiration.  Every decision leads to greater clarity, growth, and expansion. 

Get out of staying stuck and allow providence to guide you forward.

If you’re seeing this, you were meant to see this.

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