Less Stress & Overhead – Immediate Steps to Scale Your Practice Quickly and Put More $ in Your Pocket

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how much you need to do in your practice when you’re wearing so many different hats?

You wish you could just be the doctor/practitioner.

How to scale your practice quickly without the stress of big overhead and getting burnt out? (wouldn’t it be nice if your to do list could look like that? :)–> to the right)

That’s what led me to interview Meghan Walker, ND.  I was really impressed by her when I met her at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians conference last year.   She came straight out of naturopathic medical school and with a partner started a large integrative practice (with over 12 practitioners) that became successful and busy quickly.  She sold the clinic after 4 years and gave herself the challenge of maintaining her income while just seeing patients 2 days/wk.

As a mother of three, Dr. Walker now maintains a part-time private boutique practice in Toronto’s downtown core and has created a line of high-end neutraceuticals under her own brand.  Her private practice is grounded in functional medicine and caters to executives, entrepreneurs, and inspired individuals looking to maximize the health of their body and brain.

Dr. Walker is also the CEO and Co-founder of an online navigator that connects consumers to licensed and regulated complementary health practitioners.  She is the past Vice-Chair of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and is a former board member and Secretary for the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.  I will not only be picking her brain as a savvy businesswoman, but also about her secret to scaling quickly especially since she’s a mom juggling her practice, businesses, and family.

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 “Less Stress and Overhead:
Immediate Steps to Scale Your Practice Quickly, Free Up Your Time,
and Put More in Your Pocket”

For chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic physicians, health coaches, and other holistic health practitioners.

You’ll learn:

  • Behind-the-scenes secrets of how she and a partner grew and sold a large integrative practice within 4 years of graduating
  •  How she transitioned to making the same income seeing patients just 2 days/week
  • Her secret to more efficiency & scaling quickly, without having to have the stress of big overhead and getting burnt out
  •  A simple algorithm to decide whether to move forward with a great idea of yours or not
  • 3 specific tools to automate the onboarding of new patients

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