House Call Practices – a Growing Trend is Back

Are you in transition and don’t have an office space?  You feel like your hands are tied until you find the perfect space.  It’s delaying you being able to make money right away.

Or maybe you feel underpaid right now (or how about overworked AND underpaid)?

You either work for yourself and have way too much overhead (or stressed out about having to always make more to keep up with the bills).  You’re tired of taking home so little.

Or you work for someone else as an associate or practitioner.  You’re tired of working for someone else, helping them make money.  You’ve considered starting your own practice, but you’re not excited about the overhead.

Recently, I was talking to Dr. Jen Faber, DC who was very underpaid as an associate.  She thought she would be happy being busy with patients.  But when she got there, she was stressed, broke, and depressed having a high-volume 6-days/wk, 420 patients/week practice.  She felt miserable.  Then she stumbled upon the idea of doing house calls.  Within a year, she was making 6 figures working only 3 hrs/day (& having more free time than she ever had).

House call practices are a growing trend.  You can be a part of this growing trend that used to be the main way people received their healthcare.  You won’t have to be boxed inside all day.  You’ll be able to work when you want to and have variety in your day.

Enjoy more freedom & flexibility in your life.  It will also allow you to spend more time with your patients/clients, so you feel more fulfilled about how you’re helping them.  With what Dr. Faber can show you, you can get it going quickly with little overhead and become instantly profitable.

I’ve asked her to share her insider tips on how.  She’ll answer your common questions like what is a typical day like when you have a house call practice?  How do you get people who would pay you for it?  Can it really make you more money than if you had people coming to you?

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4. How house calls can work for you anywhere (major myth-busting!),
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