Holy moly – whose idea was this?

This past weekend, my year-long Introverted Visionaries 6-Figures Plus Mastermind members (where they’re getting fast tracked to  fulfilling 6 & 7-figure practices the introverted way) flew in from different parts of the country for their January retreat.  Each retreat, in addition to getting business makeovers on their practices, they get to experience a special surprise activity that is fun, relaxing, or adventurous ….and that can allow them to experience transformation in the inner game of business.  This time, it was something that I had too much time to think about.  And that was not necessarily a good thing.

I had been wanting to take them to this surprise for 3 years, but there was no company in town making it available.  This year, I checked and was so excited to find the perfect place & that this would be the year it would happen.

But then the day came around.  Before I was to take them there, I watched the activity’s promo video online from my hotel room and wondered what I was thinking.  It looked scary—they would have us do what??  What was I thinking?

When we arrived, I looked up at the little platform we were to be jumping off of and thought…maybe I shouldn’t do this.  Then one of the instructors called my name and said “I think we should have you go first.”  I nearly died inside.  I thought ok, I’m the guinea pig…serves me right since I arranged it.  As I climbed up the little ladder, reached the tiny little platform on top and was told to jump, I felt like I couldn’t do it.

I paused, as I had my feet over the edge leaning forward and hung onto the trapeze bar with my dear life.  The instructor told me “I have your back—I’ve got you.”  I kept asking him, “Are you sure you have my back?”  He calmed me down and reassured me, “I have your back.”

A part of me wanted to believe him, but a part of me thought—sure, but I don’t think I can do it.  Then I finally decided to jump.  I swung and swung.  Mid-air felt like eternity at first, but then it ended up being a bit fun at the same time.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to go up a 2nd time, but I did and it got more and more comfortable & fun.

The most valuable lessons I learned from the experience:
1.  It doesn’t have to be perfect to serve its purpose.  When I first got up there, I was scared.  I had second thoughts & thought about giving up.  Then I just did it instead of thinking about it.  I was afraid before doing it.  But then as I did it, it became something that felt familiar.  I was surprised at how quickly, happily, and confidently I walked up that ladder the 2nd time around once I decided I was going to do it again.

Another thing I learned was how it doesn’t have to be perfect for it to serve its purpose.  You will see in the ending of my video that I fell flat on my face.  If I tried my best, then it served its purpose for myself and perhaps even inspired you, although it wasn’t perfect.  It’s just like with doing talks—it doesn’t always have to be perfect but you just have to be real & doing your best.  People will appreciate you for that.

2.  If you ‘check yourself out’ before you try, there is no chance for progress.  If you stay in the game, go as far as you can go and you will be further than you ever thought you could go.
One of our Introverted Visionary Mastermind members is deaf.  She is one of the most determined people (and doctor) I know.  Yet at first, she wasn’t going to do it.  She watched at the sidelines for awhile and then decided she would try.  She went up.  By the end she even swung and let go, as an instructor caught her hands while she flew through the air upside down!  Talk about brave.  We were all so inspired by her determination—she couldn’t even hear the commands being given (she had to lip read upside down at times).

3.  4 year olds can do things.  Why can’t we?  
Another Introverted Visionary who has been a part of the mastermind for over 3 years told the instructor she couldn’t reach the bar.  The instructor told her that 4-year olds could reach the bar (which was true—apparently kids as young as 4 year olds do this and don’t have fear, whereas we adults overthink things).  She later ended up doing it & even trying a flip.

Each of us has our own boundaries and limitations.  But when do you start ‘checking yourself out’?  Do you check out right away, or do you at least try first even if you feel scared and concerned?

I almost checked myself out at the beginning.  And if I were to have done so then, I would never have experienced the growth and progression to doing a back flip while dismounting.  Let me be completely honest– I was convinced I couldn’t do it & wasn’t planning on trying a back flip.  It was only under the encouragement of the instructor that I tried & told myself just to try.  Just trying it was the only thing that helped me move beyond my fear in that moment.

The experience made me really ‘get’ firsthand how tempting it can be to put limitations on ourselves before we try. And how likely we fall short of our true potential as a result of it.

Where are you putting limitations on yourself & not even realizing it consciously?  Just because you are concerned something may not work out (or are afraid) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something.  Of course, just because you feel the fear doesn’t mean you should do something either.  But notice where you hang on so tight to what you think are your boundaries—and whether it’s serving you or not.

Do you tend to push yourself beyond your own edge, or do you usually just play it safe?  Safe and comfortable doesn’t usually allow for our fullest potential for self-expansion.  It often brings more of the same.  That may be the issue with your practice right now.

Ready for your quantum leap this yearWhat you want doesn’t usually happen if you keep holding on to what you already know & keep doing the same things over and over again.

Part of it is knowing what to do, having the systems that work to catapult you to a practice that’s fulfilling AND brings in 6 or 7-figures this year, and then saying goodbye to the old ways as you take the leap.  Just like with a trapeze, you can’t land on a new bar if you are still hanging onto the first bar.  It is tough if you had your hand on both bars, but once you let go you’ve landed & it feels better on the other side.

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