Holistic Practitioners: Are you overlooking the key to attracting more clients?

I am working with a group of committed students in the Consistent Clients Formula program right now, and one student is very eager to start finding her clients.

If you want your clients to just show up, there are two important steps BEFORE finding your clients. I’m about to share one of them with you.

It’s one thing that many holistic health practitioners overlook, which leaves them having to spend more time marketing and not getting enough clients? Hint—it’s NOT the ideal client thing.

The one thing is: not taking the time to identify what the one offering is that your clients want, and can’t wait to pay you for. That is the difference between being stuck with wishing people would show up, vs. them actually showing up.

Every holistic health practitioner in the Consistent Clients Formula program is working through a process that helps them determine what that is. Then they’re learning step-by-step what to do to attract clients coming to them, so they don’t have to market as much.

How many of you are eager to find your clients/patients, and just want to know where they are? Even if you find them, how confident are you that what you share will have them either wanting to be your client, or thinking of sending referrals to you?

Think about this scenario–what if your ideal client did a Google search and pulled up a list of you and 30 other similar practitioners in your town. What would make you stand out from your competition? How can you give a first impression that makes you jump out as the perfect solution to the problem that your ideal client is looking for a solution to?

That’s the question to answer in a way so your ideal client’s eyes light up (vs. just pretending to be nice to you). With all the information & resources we’re bombarded with every day, it’s important to convey in 10 seconds that YOU are one to consider going to for their holistic health care.

Without starting with a very clear problem that you solve for people and describing it in a way that someone says—“I need that AND you’re the one who can solve my problem”, even if you find people who could be ones you want to work with, you may continue to hear “that’s nice” or someone pretending to be interested, but never becoming your client.

One thing you can do differently starting now is to decide what the one thing is that you want to be known for. It’s something that you enjoy doing & love improving/fixing for people. For example, a very clear problem an acupuncturist may help solve is helping someone quit smoking.

See, people will always pay more for a specialist at something, vs. someone who does everything. People want to know their health issues are going to be taken care of by an expert who knows what they’re doing. Wish you were also getting the step-by-step system to getting a consistent flow of clients in the door? It’s not too late to join us for the Consistent Clients Formula program. You’ll get instant access to the calls, plus live access to the remaining sessions when you enroll.

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