Hiyaguha Cohen, LPC, PhD

how she grew to a full private pay practice
in a few months without social media

Hiyaguha Cohen, LPC, PhD is a mental health counselor and life coach.
She had been a life coach for 14 years and a psychotherapist for a year.
Trauma is her specialty and she also offers EMDR.
She was working for 2 group practices but decided to go off on her own.
As a fairly new counselor, she didn’t have a good sense of how to go about getting clients. New counselors aren’t allowed to go through insurance in her state, so she needed to attract self pay clients and that felt challenging.
After the 6-Figure Speaking Makeover mentorship for Introverts,
her practice is full and she’s very happy.
She’s also excited to offer writing workshops. Hiyaguha talks about her services and vision for her practice.

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