How to Hire the Right Person for Your Practice

How to Hire the Right Person for Your Practice by Introverted Visionary

Have you been wanting to hire but haven’t pulled the trigger?  You’ve been putting it off because you’re scared of hiring someone who may bring you stress. 

How to hire the right person on board without going through 1,000 resumes?

Finding a new hire can mean great things for your practice, but it has to be the right hire. The ideal people can help your practice grow and run more efficiently, and give you the freedom to focus on the aspects of your business that you’re truly passionate about.  

For some of you, that means just being the doctor (or practitioner) and seeing patients.  For some of you, that may mean overseeing the clinic administratively and only seeing a handful of patients you’ve had a long-time relationship with.  Or, it could mean freeing you up to monetize your expertise and knowledge beyond just seeing more patients 1-on-1.

So How Do You Find That Superstar?

It takes three important steps. 

  • Putting together an inventory of the work you’re currently responsible for
  • Writing a great job description
  • Attracting and hiring that ideal candidate

So let’s get started. 

Create a Task Inventory

A common pitfall that I see many practitioners fall into is going straight into creating a job description without doing the inventory exercise first or take the time to assess how to attract that right hire.

So first, figure out the tasks you’re responsible for.  Do an inventory of one week in your practice: Write down what you do in a day as you go about your week.  A great app to use is Toggl.  Then, take note of which ones you find the most rewarding versus the ones you find most draining. Those draining ones are what you want to look at getting rid of, which will guide who you are going to hire. 

What You Don’t Want

Next, one of the things that I do with my clients is to have them write down the things that they don’t want in a hire and the things that they do – everything from characteristics and adjectives that describe them to experience to education. Examples of don’t wants can be: tardy, having to micromanage.  Examples of do wants: passionate, inspiring, believes everyone should get chiropractic as part of their healthcare.  

This is essential to writing a great job description because it lets you get really clear about what you need in terms of characteristics, and then it’s a lot easier to pull in the person that you want. 

Attract the Right Hire

Another common mistake I see is that when business owners are writing job ads, they are only writing to what the practice needs with zero attention paid to what might attract the right candidate. Remember, this is a two-way relationship! The right candidate is interviewing you to make sure this is the right fit, just as much as you’re interviewing them.

Including your mission and your “bigger picture” purpose in your ad is another important piece of attracting your perfect candidate. So many people these days are seeking personal satisfaction in their work, so sharing that aspect will draw those like-minded job seekers to you and deter the ones who don’t share your vision. 

The Hiring Process

Finally, take a look at your screening process, so you’re not spending countless hours with candidates who aren’t right for you. It’s important to have a consistent, effective, efficient process in place. 

One of the things that I like to recommend to my clients is instead of starting off with an in-person interview, kick things off with a quick phone interview. You could figure out within five minutes that this person isn’t the right fit, and you haven’t wasted your time (nor theirs) by spending an hour face-to-face with them.

For sample questions to ask in a quick phone interview, join me on my upcoming webinar, “Automate by Hiring a Mini-Me”, where you will get the exact questions I use to screen candidates quickly and learn even more secrets about how to hire the right person to help you grow your practice.  You’ll hear things that you haven’t heard of before. Afterall, one of my businesses is a recruiting business that we grew to 7 figures in less than 5 years, so we know a thing or two about recruiting. Sign up now and find your next right hand!

Have you ever found your hiring process to fail you before?  Perhaps you interviewed people who seemed like they were great and you liked them.  Then you hired them and they didn’t perform. Or they performed, but things started to really bother you.  For example, you’re hard working and it annoys you that they check their cell phones throughout the day for long periods of time.  You realized later on that their values didn’t line up with yours.

One hot tip:  Avoid leading questions when you’re interviewing so you can identify misalignment of values early on. Ask open-ended questions like….

  • If you could design your workday however you’d like, what would you love to be doing in a typical day?
  • What is important to you in what you are looking for?

The reason I love asking these kinds of questions is because it gives people the opportunity to tell me what they really want to be doing, and it helps you assess if their desires and talents are right for that role.  Sometimes in asking these questions, I have discovered that another role was a better fit for them. Also, I will ask questions that will completely catch them off guard. Questions like that can help get to the heart of who they are instead of you just hearing well-prepared interview questions.

Taking a shot-in-the-dark approach to hiring doesn’t typically get you your dream candidate. By taking the time to implement systems like this, you’ll have scripts and templates that reflect what you’re looking for to help you land your best employees yet. 

Ready to Hire the Right Person?

Ready to learn more about getting your next great hire?  You’re invited to join me on my upcoming webinar, “Automate by Hiring a Mini-Me”, where you will learn even more secrets about how to hire the right person to help you grow your practice. Sign up now and find your next right hand.  Thanks for reading and see you there!

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