Is your health coaching business still an expensive hobby?

Is your health coaching business still an expensive hobby?
You love coaching… but truthfully, it isn’t much of a business. Yet.

Or maybe you’re making more than you were before, but you’re stuck there.  You can’t seem to get beyond the $50k, $100k, or $250k mark. You’re ready for it, but it’s not happening.

My friend Amy Pearson (also an introvert like myself), started her coach training back in June 2009.  She thought she’d hit six figures within a year. Three years later her business was still an “expensive hobby.” Her husband doubted that it was even possible to make money as a coach (do any of you have a significant other who also doubts whether it’s really possible?) She was not an overnight success story.

6 years later, she now has a full multi-six figure practice working part-time, so she can spend plenty of time with her husband and three small kids. And the best part?  She’s helping more and more people doing her own unique thing in the world. (And husband is no longer a skeptic!)

Learn what changed it for her that got her coaching business beyond the “expensive hobby” phase.

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