Have lots of ideas and feel disorganized?

Do you feel like you often have lots of ideas and feel disorganized?

This big realization I had one day made a huge difference…

I am someone who tends to have a lot of ideas.  When inspiration hits while driving, in the shower, or listening to a podcast, I scramble to capture the idea while it’s hot. 

Endless post-it notes, my Notepad, OneNote on my laptop…all filled with random notes and ideas that often I don’t seem to have time for, even though when I had the idea, I thought “I must do this”.  Can you relate?

That, in addition to having a tendency to start many different projects and not finish them. 

This drives the people I work with crazy and it drove me crazy.  I felt it was a flaw and bad habit that I needed to work on.  Then one day during a session with my coach, it clicked.  

I didn’t need to start one project and finish it before starting another one, like other people were telling me I needed to do.  Years of trying to reach an ideal that I just couldn’t seem to reach, I realized I wasn’t built that way.  (even though many experts on organization will tell you that the ideal is to start one project and finish it).  And to be super organized.

I will never be someone who finishes something a week in advance  of the deadline.

In fact, I thrive on starting more than one project at once.  And I thrive on finishing close to the deadline.  

However, what I needed to do was to work with my own energy flow.  That meant whenever possible, taking the idea as far as I could in that moment while I was still excited about it.

For example, if I had just spoken to someone who wanted to feature me to their community as a guest speaker, I needed to send them what they requested immediately after the call while I’m excited.

Or if I promised a template would go out to our Introverted Visionaries 6-Figures Plus Mastermind members during a call we had and it needed to be tweaked before sending, it would get tweaked immediately after the call. 

Otherwise it felt like such a chore when I revisited it the next morning.

And the issue I had about not finishing things?  That’s why since I started my business and found my first mentor T Harv Eker, I have never been without a coach or being a part of a paid business program or year-long mastermind.

Why?  Because although I’m a disciplined person, the blind spots I have (everyone has them) will always get called out when someone is asking me about it. 

When you’re doing it all on your own, you’re missing out on that expert insight.  Imagine someone not knowing what they’re doing, trying to figure it out and spinning.  On the other spectrum, imagine someone who is an Olympic athlete and just practicing by themselves with no coach and guidance.  It’s just not the same.  Whether you are newer to practice or established….

No one got successful in business by just having lots of ideas.  It’s about implementing them in a strategic way that actually works. 

If you have trouble with this, it’s holding you and your practice back.  It’s a bigger problem than most practitioners think it is.

What is your business lacking? 

Do you have systems in place that work to bring in new patients consistently, or to help you uplevel to reach more people at once?

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