Hayley Gardner, LAc

 how she’s growing her business helping
other acupuncturists with herbs & her passion


Hayley Gardner, LAc, is an acupuncturist & Chinese medicine herbalist. She had a busy acupuncture practice
but wanted to take her business in a different direction.

Hayley wanted to make herbal medicine more accessible to more TCM practitioners in such a way that would make it easier for them to prescribe and have their patients use without having to carry a lot of inventory.
It can also help acupuncturists sharpen their herb skills at the same time.

Before she was a part of the 6-Figure Speaking Makeover Mentorship and Introverted Visionaries Mastermind, she was consulting acupuncturists but didn’t have a good structure for what she was doing and how best to grow the business.

Hayley shares the services she offers, her vision for her practice, and words of wisdom about growing when walking away from one thing (her acupuncture practice) to go for what she’s passionate about.

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