Graphic designer for Business Coach/Consultant- Social media

This is a great opportunity for someone who is excellent with visually communicating ideas through art and technology.  You are talented with creating visual content that’s informative, attention-grabbing and engaging.  You have an eye for images that are emotion-capturing.  What you create (or select to accompany our written content) will be seen my our potential clients in social media platforms and on our blog.  Our business is focused on helping holistic health practitioners become more successful in their practices, so they can help more people be healthy and avoid drugs and surgery.

PURPOSE:  to create or source graphics that capture attention (ie, when scrolling through social media, ie: Facebook, Instagram).  You will be involved with designing visuals for our organic social media and paid Facebook Ads.  To help decrease our Facebook Ad costs because our ideal clients take action more readily from the images (vs what looks like a stock photo).  Also create graphics that can be used as part of intro of You Tube educational videos.

OUR AUDIENCE: holistic health practitioners (acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, functional medicine practitioners)

WHAT’S ALSO IMPORTANT:  Must capture our brand feel and stance in your visuals.  We have a brand guide you can use as brand direction to create visuals from.

REQUIREMENTS: Should be proficient with softwares such Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

Prepare designs for digital or print publication

  • Look at our Facebook Ad copy and select images that go along with the FB Ad to grab a scroller’s attention; idealy NOT stock-photo like, but more custom feel
  • Design quote cards for different platforms (Facebook, Instastory and Instagram (the quote content will be provided to you)
  • Design brand assets for webinars or new free gift opt-ins
  • Design social media branding materials (Ads, banners)
  • Prepare rough drafts and present ideas
  • Determine strategies to deliver clear messaging to the target audience

Work independently, possibility for ongoing projects and referrals to our client base if do a great job.

*NOTE: If interested, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this posting, or you will not be considered.


Our mission is that holistic and integrative medicine options become mainstream in our country, instead of mainly relying on drugs or surgery.  We do this by helping holistic health practitioners reach more people and grow their businesses more effectively.  Many holistic practitioners went into the profession to help people but not to run a business & they struggle with that.  They learn a step-by-step process of getting patients more consistently through our trainings & mentorship programs.  Go to introvertedvisionary dot com to get a sense of what our company stands for and our brand feel.

The format of what we offer includes teleseminars, live speaking, and high-end private and group coaching/mentorship.  You will work with someone who is very dynamic, results-oriented, & always open to new ideas.  Work in a supportive environment from home.


Please attach samples of your graphic design (including similar projects to the kind of things we are looking for), share what attracted you to this opportunity, and what kind of experience you’ve had with similar projects, or you will not be considered.  Look forward to working with you!