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Angela McKaye, ND, DC  – Lake Oswego, OR

Jannine Krause, ND, LAc – Tacoma, WA

Michael Reece, ND – Ephrata, PA (Lancaster County)

Purnima Sharma-David, Certified Shiatsu Therapist and Reiki Master – Lotus Healing previously in Canada & US; now in Japan

Nancy Gravel, DC – Care Chiropractic Clinic – New Orleans, LA area

Karla Renaud, LAc – Austin, TX (previously in Philadelphia, PA)

Josh Stehmeier, DC – Kelowna Chiropractic – Kelowna, BC Canada

Yael Kantor, DC – Burien Center for Health and Wellbeing – Seattle, WA area

Carly Feigan, CN – Head to Health – New York, NY


“I have a 12 year Sports Rehab Chiropractic business. I have already established myself as a rehab specialist and I wanted to expand my services and offer more of my expertise—-therefore I reached out to Chen because I saw something in her that I don’t see in other Business coaches. I have invested 18K in other business coaches and I am thankful I found Chen. Chen has been the most practical, has simple and yet profound useful tips to implement into your practice right away- that is the rare thing I see in Chen. She has propelled me with each call, training or her templates worksheets. I get immediate benefits from working with Chen that I see right away, versus other coaches I didn’t see such results. I am so glad i’ve worked with Chen because i have a new way to talk to my clients that gets results. For me, it had me see so many new ways I could just tweak slightly what i was doing and BOOM, results. I have landed clients with a $1500.00 program that they sell them-self, I don’t need to “talk them into it”. The Speaking Mentorship, which from just the VIP day alone was hands down the best training to get me started right away. JUST TODAY I had a meeting with a corporation for a corporate wellness program and I know it was from the mentoring from Chen and having everything in place. I have referred my colleagues to Chen and they are so thankful I did- because Chen’s energy and they way she sees into your practice to give you that special step that can make the biggest difference in your business/life.

– Dr. Sarah Peters, DC

Update: Sarah got the corporate contract


“I have been in practice for 10 years working for other practices, but I opened my own practice a year ago and was struggling. The things that worked in my previous location weren’t working anymore. After working with Chen, my monthly income has doubled within 3 months and I’m on track for a 6-figure year. I’ve noticed more and more of current patients are referring friends and family to me. I’ve also used what she taught that contributed to me getting picked up by major media, and it’s resulted in boosting my credibility as a go-to chiropractor in my area.

“I’m extremely grateful to Chen for showing me how to be true and authentic with myself and the results that have followed. I feel relieved I don’t have to market my practice the exhausting extroverted way.”

-Jose Aguilar, DC


Even though I have been in practice for over 20 years, one of the main challenges for me has been to have a consistent flow of clients. I have been working with her over the past few months. She has helped with communicating my uniqueness and improving credibility with clients, and more. I have already begun to see the benefit in working with her (particularly in getting referrals from other clients and practitioners). My income has gone up every month and I now have a consistent practice. I wish I had learned these approaches when I was starting practice!

-Dr. Michael Reece, ND, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Board of Directors 2009-2013


“Before working with Chen, my house was on its way to foreclosure–I hit rock bottom and had just moved to a new city to start a practice all over. Within 3 months of using Chen’s system, I have made 5 times the amount of income than I did before. Last week I tried out what Chen teaches, while speaking to a group of 20 individuals at a wellness talk I have never used this approach in a wellness talk and have been doing wellness talks for the last 6 years and only received a handful of clients from these talks. Last week I had 8 patients sign up immediately for sessions with me! I’m never going back to my old ways!” (my house also did not end up going into foreclosure)

-Dr. Jannine Krause, ND, LAc


“Before working with Chen I was a Cardiac Perfusionist with a vision of a holistic nutrition heart practice. Chen helped me communicate and own my value. With her help, I felt confident to step out and own my place in the holistic consulting world. After working with Chen- My first talk in front of a well known Cardiology group was a total success- I left with potential patient referrals and other Doctor Referrals (plus a speaking opportunity) from this top cardiology office!”

-Rosemarie Beltz, Certified Cardiac Perfusionist and Certified holistic Health Consultant


As I begin marketing my programs in unfamiliar waters of the medical community Chen Yen has helped me learn how to stand out and establish credibility quickly with practitioners and she helped me understand more of how doctors think so I can better communicate to establish referral relationships. Now, I feel more confident moving forward making connections and I am looking forward to even more opportunities to partner with them.

-Don Staley, #1 best selling author & Health Coach


“I had been looking at ways to up-level my one-on-one clients, knowing that it would be difficult to reach my revenue targets with my current clientele. Shortly after my session with Chen, I was able to close my first client into a new much higher ticket package of service. Thanks, Chen!”

-Carrie Sharpshair


My practice had been “feast or famine” for quite a while. It was clear that my own “ideas” to help make this practice grow was not working. I am so glad I took this leap because I know I would be still stuck in the place I was before, perhaps ready to throw in the towel as far as private practice was concerned. I truly now believe and see my practice growing and prospering in ways I have only dreamed of. I also just got booked for my first talk in front of my ideal audience!

-Dr. Louis Esquivel. Holistic MD


“Before working with Chen, I had been struggling for MONTHS over how to market to the audience I really want to work with in my business. I couldn’t reach my ideal market because I didn’t know how to speak to them so they’d say “wow, that’s me and I need HER!” After working with Chen for just one hour, she helped me zero in on that, and how to target the market that is a match for my expertise AND my passion – something I hadn’t been able to combine in the past. Now I can attract clients so that they come looking for me, instead of me having to chase them down. And I can do work I’m passionate about. Thank you Chen!!”

-Aprille Trupiano


“Chen is a genius at honing in on the next best step to take in your business to bring in clients. I felt stuck with the many great ideas rolling around in my head and it was working against me. In her methodical, intentional, and intuitive way, she helped me deconstruct and build on each concept, until we hit on a specific one – BAM! – that truly met my business, financial, and ideal client requirements. I now can see my next step clearly, and move forward with implementation! If I had moved forward with one of the main ideas I was seriously considering, it would have cost me a lot of money. Whew. Thank you Chen.”

-Cristi Cooke

Disclaimer: The client experiences displayed on this page are just a few of the many stories shared with us by holistic practitioners who have worked with Chen as clients of Fill My Holistic Practice. In compliance with FTC rulings, we cannot guarantee that these results are typical. Our best recommendation for working with Chen is that you commit fully to the process as you take this journey for yourself and your practice.

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