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Angela McKaye, ND, DC  – Lake Oswego, OR

Jannine Krause, ND, LAc – Tacoma, WA

Michael Reece, ND – Ephrata, PA (Lancaster County)

Purnima Sharma-David, Certified Shiatsu Therapist and Reiki Master – Lotus Healing previously in Canada & US; now in Japan

Nancy Gravel, DC – Care Chiropractic Clinic – New Orleans, LA area

Karla Renaud, LAc – Austin, TX (previously in Philadelphia, PA)

Josh Stehmeier, DC – Kelowna Chiropractic – Kelowna, BC Canada

Yael Kantor, DC – Burien Center for Health and Wellbeing – Seattle, WA area

Carly Feigan, CN – Head to Health – New York, NY


“I have a 12 year Sports Rehab Chiropractic business. I have already established myself as a rehab specialist and I wanted to expand my services and offer more of my expertise—-therefore I reached out to Chen because I saw something in her that I don’t see in other Business coaches. I have invested 18K in other business coaches and I am thankful I found Chen. Chen has been the most practical, has simple and yet profound useful tips to implement into your practice right away- that is the rare thing I see in Chen. She has propelled me with each call, training or her templates worksheets. I get immediate benefits from working with Chen that I see right away, versus other coaches I didn’t see such results. I am so glad i’ve worked with Chen because i have a new way to talk to my clients that gets results. For me, it had me see so many new ways I could just tweak slightly what i was doing and BOOM, results. I have landed clients with a $1500.00 program that they sell them-self, I don’t need to “talk them into it”. The Speaking Mentorship, which from just the VIP day alone was hands down the best training to get me started right away. JUST TODAY I had a meeting with a corporation for a corporate wellness program and I know it was from the mentoring from Chen and having everything in place. I have referred my colleagues to Chen and they are so thankful I did- because Chen’s energy and they way she sees into your practice to give you that special step that can make the biggest difference in your business/life.

– Dr. Sarah Peters, DC

Update: Sarah got the corporate contract


“I have been in practice for 10 years working for other practices, but I opened my own practice a year ago and was struggling. The things that worked in my previous location weren’t working anymore. After working with Chen, my monthly income has doubled within 3 months and I’m on track for a 6-figure year. I’ve noticed more and more of current patients are referring friends and family to me. I’ve also used what she taught that contributed to me getting picked up by major media, and it’s resulted in boosting my credibility as a go-to chiropractor in my area.

“I’m extremely grateful to Chen for showing me how to be true and authentic with myself and the results that have followed. I feel relieved I don’t have to market my practice the exhausting extroverted way.”

-Jose Aguilar, DC