What a Car Wash Place Can Teach You About Making an Extra 5 or 6 Figures in Your Practice

I went to get my car washed last weekend at Danny’s Family Car Wash in Phoenix.  Each time I go there, I can’t help but feel in awe of all their brilliance with business.  It’s not like any other car wash place I’ve gone to.

I like going there because it’s an experience.  You pull up for a car wash and then wait for your car,
while seeing it get washed, hand dried, and vacuumed.  You can even sit inside a building and have 360 degree view of your car through glass windows, while this is all being done.

I can go there and have other things done at the same time (ie, oil change, get gas, etc).  It’s perfect especially for a woman who doesn’t like going to car mechanics and wondering if they can be trusted.

This time, I pulled up and a guy asked me what kind of car wash I wanted.  *Basic*, I answered.  He then asked if I wanted my oil changed or gas filled up.  *Oil change, please”.  Then he told me it comes with a free car wash (which I already knew & which is why I go there).

The next thing that happened was another guy looked at my windshield  and as he pointed to the 8-inch crack, he said “We can fix that and get your windshield replaced”.  I told him I knew they could fix it, but I don’t have time for it.

Now, I’ve been to Danny’s Family Car Wash many times & they have even fixed glass chips on my windshield while I’ve waited for my car to be washed.  Each time, they call the insurance company for you and then repair the chip in the windshield while you’re waiting.  And they have pointed out this particular long 8-inch crack in my windshield before, and my answer to them was “no, I won’t worry about it this time”.

But this time was different.  The guy continued to say “we can send someone out to your house to replace it.  You just have to be there to hand the car over, and when it’s done they’ll ring your doorbell.  We’ll call insurance & get everything set up for you.  And we’ll give you 5 free car washes on us (a $50 value).”

What do you think I said to that? 

Yes, of course!  I could get the thing done and stop having it lingering as another “to-do” item that I never made the time for.  (It had been at least 6 months since the crack in the windshield had happened).

What does this have to do with you making an extra 5 or 6 figures in your practice?
Read on to find out.  Consider what you can to make it easy for your patients/clients to get more of what they need beyond your expertise (or beyond what you prefer to be doing).

Really think about that.

Danny’s Family Car Wash does exactly that:  it partners with a glass company to provide glass chip repairs and windshield replacements to their customers when they pull up for a car wash.  It’s a perfect marriage for them.  I’ve heard glass replacing can be a good money-maker for a company….I often see ads in the paper saying you can get your windshield replaced AND get a $50 gift certificate for using their company to get it done.  And I like freebies and have pulled out those ads.  But I always put off calling those places.

Now, it wasn’t the first time I was offered a windshield replacement at Danny’s.  What was different about this time was that they told me about their services in a way that was a no-brainer.

Lesson #1:  How can you talk about your services without being pushy, so the people who really need you find it a no-brainer to move forward? 

Lesson #2:  What can you offer your patients/clients to make available what else they need?  Look at how to expand your service offerings to add value to your clients. 

Look for how it can be complementary to what you currently do, where your clients don’t have to figure it out themselves about what to do, or who they should go to.  And you don’t even have to offer it yourself.

When I pulled up to Danny’s Carousel that day, I only wanted a car wash & an oil change.

But I came out of there with all three (well, actually four because I also got a fuel system servicing done at the same time). And I was really happy.

That can happen to you when you expand your service offerings.  You can make your clients happier and you could be making more money easily. Your patient/client didn’t even have to have been thinking about the need when they came in the door to work with you.  This can be a 6-figure addition (or at least 5) to your bank account that you didn’t have to work hard for. 

It is business that can happen over and over again.  And your clients are more likely to come back to see you because of convenience.  How much is one client worth to your practice?  (beyond your personal fulfillment of helping them)  For most of you who charge $60-100/hr, a client who returns 10-15 times in a year can be worth at least $1000/year.  If you had 10 more loyal clients this year come through because of an expanded service offering, that’s an extra 5 figures.  What would you do with an extra 5 figures?

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