Double Your Holistic Practice this Year

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Tired of being stuck with not making the money you deserve?
Want to help more people, rather than spend your time marketing?

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“Double Your Holistic Practice this Year”

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  • How to create your personalized plan for doubling your practice in the next year (including what I’ve done before to double my business)
  • The key ingredients for a consistent 6-figure holistic practice (especially if you only want to work 3 days/wk
  • An immediate shift to make, so you can spend less time marketing & help more people
  • How to set goals you’ll achieve for your practice this year–know what you want, & get it!
  • Secrets to attracting motivated new clients who are ready to work with you

Your faculty: Chen Yen, “More than Enough Clients” Mentor

A trained pharmacist (with a secret she kept to herself about what she really thought of pharmacy) who was always good at marketing, found herself growing a business from 0 to 6 figures and beyond.  An introvert herself, Chen is excited to now be living her passion, helping introverted holistic practitioners find a natural style and strategy of marketing & sales that feels good…and gets them a waiting list of patients/clients.