Dorothy Chae, LAc

 what helped her grow to be at 95-100% capacity in her practice


Dorothy Chae, LAc had been practicing for over 20 years but was experiencing a slow down in the practice.  

 She had hired an online marketing company for a year but not much really happened.

 Dorothy decided to work with us to help her attract new patients by speaking and attract more referrals from providers.   

 During the 6-Figure Speaking Makeover mentorship for Introverts,
she was excited to do a webinar via Zoom during lunchtime one day. 

14 people showed up and 3 contacted her to schedule an appointment. 
Dorothy is also enjoying developing relationships with MDs for referrals. 

 That along with key things we’ve helped her put in place,
she’s excited to have reached her 90-day income goal in just 30 days 🙂 

Dorothy talks about her services and shares her vision for her practice. 

She’s considering hiring another acupuncturist
because her practice is full and she doesn’t have a day off anymore.

Dorothy shares what helped her grow to be at 95-100% capacity in her practice.

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