Did you know corporations pay $1000 for lunch & learns?

Have you ever considered getting into corporate wellness?  Since our healthcare system has been moving towards ObamaCare, many insurance companies are giving a percentage of premiums back to corporations to be spent on corporate wellness programs.  This means corporations have money set aside for holistic practitioners (ie,  health coaches, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists) to offer lunch & learns or corporate wellness programs.

Corporations pay $1000 for lunch & learns, and you can get paid significantly more to offer a corporate wellness program. The nice thing is that when you get your foot in the door for one, it often leads to repeat business and other opportunities if you do a good job.  It can be a springboard for you to attract new patients/clients, in addition to you being paid by the corporation for what you promised to deliver.  You won’t have to always be “out there” trying to get new patients/clients.

How do you get your foot in the door Corporate wellness seems to be a big mystery to many holistic practitioners—how do you figure out which corporations to approach?  Who to talk to, and what do you say to them to get “in”?  What to offer to them?  What is realistic about how much to charge?  For example, I know many chiropractors who are currently doing lunch & learns for free.  What if you could get paid to do them instead?

This week, I’m going to be interviewing Randi Dukoff, a health coach who has successfully offered corporate wellness programs, about how she’s done it. She’ll be sharing secrets from her step-by-step system to creating a successful corporate wellness business.

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You’ll learn:

  • How to communicate successfully so you get hired by large companies

  • Exactly what many companies are looking for in Corporate Wellness Programs

  • What the big KEY selling point is when trying to get your foot in the door

  • How to be considered a pro in this field, immediately

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