Fill My Practice Fast Immersion 1/2 Day – 6/5/21

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Just accessing this for the first time prior to your Immersion date? For now, get started with the “Clients Say Yes” conversation flow and script in the early access module below. Start getting clients now, even before the Immersion!

Everything else will be released by one day before the Immersion.

Check back here for items to print then, and call recordings after each event.

Look forward to connecting during the Immersion!

Here’s a sneak peak at what to expect:

Session # 1: Step boldly into your uniqueness, and start getting seen as a go-to expert

Tired of having to try so hard to get clients?

Ready to start getting seen as a go-to expert?

The quickest way to get seen as a go-to expert is stepping boldly into your uniqueness.

It starts with uncovering your hidden story.  It’s a key to identifying your Uniqueness Factor.

Session #2: Communicate your uniqueness so people seek you out

Do you ever get frustrated going to networking events and struggling to introduce yourself without sounding boring?

The next step of the Fill My Practice Fast Formula is the key to getting people to say “I want to hear more,” or “I want to refer more people to you!”

Session #3: Get the Phone Ringing Quickly

The quickest way to get the phone ringing is to be in front of “100%” of your ideal clients.

Let’s figure out where to find them!

Session #4: Full Clients Say Yes Script & Magic Answers to Common Concerns

Are you tired of hearing “I can’t afford it” concerns and not sure what to say to that?

In this module, you’ll start working with the full “Clients Say Yes” conversation script and Magic Answers to Common Concerns script.   You’ll also receive training that shows you how to have conversations that lead to potential clients talking themselves into working with you